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We provide public transportation organizations with results that address their unique market challenges: escalating competition, technological demands, and the macro-level demographic implications on how cities and nations are moving people and goods.

Are you ready for the future of mobility?

Today, cities use technology across every aspect of operations to improve outcomes. Why should transport be any different? To help leaders and managers, Deloitte has developed the Deloitte City Mobility Index (DCMI). The index offers a new and better way for city officials to gauge the health of their mobility network and their readiness to embrace the rapid changes occurring in the way people and goods move about.

Our index is based on a forward-looking view of mobility—that is, a vision of what transport in a truly smart, livable, economically vibrant city could look like. The index is structured around the following key themes:  

  • Performance and resilience. Urban mobility should be efficient, congestion minimized, infrastructure maintained in good condition, and multiple modes of transit available and integrated.
  • Vision and leadership. A city needs to be deliberate and proactive when addressing mobility needs and bring together a range of disparate interests and different strategies into a unified plan.
  • Service and inclusion. Urban mobility should be available, affordable and accessible to all residents. 

Are you ready for the future of mobility?

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