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Initiatives for LGBT+

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group promotes building an inclusive environment where all members can perform their full potential, and provide positive effects to individuals, teams, and organizations.

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PRIDE Index:Winning of Gold Award over  the Pride Index for 4 consecutive years!  

Pride Index is a guideline set by a voluntary organization "work with Pride", to measure initiatives over sexual minorities such as LGBT+ at work. Details are HERE.

■Workplace Pride Global Benchmark:Obtained Top Score in 2019

Workplace Pride Global Benchmark 2019 is a measure to evaluate sexual minority initiatives such as LGBT+ in the workplace, organized by a non-profit organization Workplace Pride based in the Netherlands. Deloitte Globe achieved top score in the Workplace Pride Global Benchmark 2019. Details are HERE.

LGBT+ Initiatives at Deloitte Tohmatsu Group

Agreement with the various Suggestion

■American Chamber of Commerce (ACCJ): Details are HERE

■Business For Marriage Equality: Details are HERE

■Equality Act Japan: Detail are HERE

Participation at Tokyo Rainbow Pride

We have been participating in Tokyo Rainbow Pride since 2018, exhibiting booths, parading by many executives and staff, and holding free LGBT + seminars.

Ally goods and Donation

We internally sell originally branded Deloitte Tohmatsu Ally goods, and stickers with rainbow color representing LGBT+ symbol -to show our strong allyship. All the internal sales will go toward a donation to LGBT+ support organizations.

Review of LGBT+-friendly Rules and Regulations, and Facilities (including All Gender Unisex Bathroom)

We performed a review of the rules and regulations with the objective of creating a LGBT+-friendly  environment.  With regards to corporate fringe benefit eligibility (spousal maternity leave, occasional leave, congratulatory or condolence allowances), same-sex partners are defined as "spouse". On each of the floors of the Marunouchi Nijubashi Office, we have installed restrooms that can be used by anyone, regardless of gender. 

LGBT+ Guideline

We have LGBT+ Guideline and “Transgender (Transition) Guideline” for all the members to deepen the understanding.

LGBT+ Study Sessions and Training

We hold study sessions and trainings including e-learning courses for all the members working at Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, from CEO to newly joined members in order to deepen the understanding and obtain accurate knowledge of SOGI and LGBT+. We also have a knowledge management system so that anyone regardless of SOGI can provide those trainings. 

Establishment of an LGBT+ Consultation Team

We have established a consultation team where LGBT+ members and project team members with LGBT+ members in their team, can consult various LGBT+-related problems.

Ally Network

We have a group-wide Ally network, called “Deloitte Tohmatsu Rainbow (DTR),” composed of LGBT+ members and Ally members. We work with Deloitte Tohmatsu Group offices all around Japan, Deloitte Global, and other companies and organizations to contribute to making a society where everyone can be true to themselves.

LGBT+ related Newsletters

Check out our Newsletter by Deloitte Tohmatsu Group Ally members from HERE.


We have a special site “D-NNOVATION” where we share perspectives and stories of Deloitte Tohmatsu Group professionals. Please check out our LGBT+ related articles.

.■Until a word “LGBT” disappears

“Change” to make a “Change” ~Participating in Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2021~

Connect with Global

Deloitte Globe

Deloitte Globe is a network of LGBT+ empowerment within Deloitte member firms in the UK, US, Australia, The Netherlands, etc. We are the first member firm in Asia to join, and are collaborating on various LGBT+ initiatives with various countries.Click here for details.

In celebration of Pride Month in June 2020, the Deloitte members from all over the world, including Japan, are pleased to share our thoughts on "What PRIDE means to us" and "Allyship" to support LGBT members and how important it is, -with a strong declaration of "I'm proud to be an ALLY".

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