Deloitte Tohmatsu Innovation Summit 2024/ Entrepreneur Summit Japan

Event Report

The Deloitte Tohmatsu Innovation Summit 2024 / Entrepreneur Summit Japan with the theme of “The Future of Generated AI Innovation” was hosted. We provided detailed insights from multiple perspectives on how startups can use generative AI in corporate management. We also discussed the growing significance of human capital and sustainability management and their impact on growth strategies and corporate management for startup companies.

In addition to declining birthrates and an aging society, Japan is experiencing acute manpower shortages in a wide range of industries, such as logistics, transportation, construction, healthcare, and agriculture. This challenge might worsen with the introduction of regulations limiting overtime work in 2024, known as the '2024 Problem.' Further promotion of digital transformation (DX) will be essential in confronting this problem by introducing the latest technologies from the robotics and automation fields and taking full advantage of generative AI. Key topics for achieving this will include promoting reskilling and training specialists who can lead technological innovation and talent in technology fields. The Japanese government supports nurturing of startups companies that will engage with these social issues and play an active role on the world stage.

In light of this environment, Deloitte Tohmatsu Group looked to support startups that are experiencing rapid growth and will solve future social issues, hosting innovation sessions that invited external experts and opinion leaders as guests in addition to holding pitch events and providing opportunities to conduct private business negotiations. During this year’s Technology Fast 50 2023 Japan, which celebrated its 21st year, the top 50 of the participating companies from Japan’s domestic TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecommunications) industries were given awards based on the growth of their sales over the past three financial reporting periods. The award ceremony was streamed online for the first time to reach a larger audience.


*Speaker names are listed in Japanese syllabary order.
*The affiliations and job titles of the speakers are current information as of the date of the event.
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Opening Remarks

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, CGO Yoshihiro Maeda

"The Future and Innovation Made Possible by Generative AI"

With generative AI becoming standard across the globe, we sat down to speak with Katsuya Uenoyama, Representative Director of PKSHA Technology Inc. whose stated vision is “Coevolution of People & Software.” Our conversation covered several topics, such as how generative AI should be implemented to make most effective use of it, how society and business will change as AI continues to evolve at an accelerated rate, and what kind of opportunities this will offer.

PKSHA Technology, Representative Director, Katsuya Uenoyama

Special Session Discussion with an Advanced Generative AI Startup
“How AI Could Strengthen Japan’s Digital Competitiveness”

In our modern societies, digitization is rapidly progressing on a global scale, with AI technology changing the business environment in a big way. We invited and spoke with Miku Hirano, Co-CEO at Cinnamon Inc., a leading Japanese AI company at the forefront of generative AI that has remained competitive both in terms of international markets and innovation. Our conversation centered around the current issues facing Japan’s digital competitiveness and how AI could impact the solutions to these issues.

Cinammon AI, Co-CEO, Miku Hirano

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, CIO Office Director, Sari Shimizu

Morning Pitch Special Edition 2024

Morning Pitch is a pitch event hosted every Thursday at 7 AM that aims to form business partnerships between venture companies and major corporations. This edition of Morning Pitch was a special award event that is hosted once a year. Seven finalists were chosen from 209 venture companies that have joined the 42 editions of Morning Pitch hosted during 2023. The annual winner was then chosen based on their business pitch during the event. Audience Award was also awarded to companies based on votes cast by the audience in attendance that day. In addition to all this, we unveiled a ranking for the “Morning Pitch Major Corporation Innovation Award,” in which we recognize major corporations that have taken the initiative to collaborate with venture companies. This year’s special edition of Morning Pitch, which was the 11th time we have hosted this event, was streamed online, with audience members across Japan tuning in to hear the passionate pitches made by these companies and view the award ceremony.

See More "Morning Pitch" (Japanese)


Technology Fast 50 2023 Japan Award Ceremony

Technology Fast 50 Japan Special Session
”What is human capital and sustainability management for startups?”

Human capital management is often spoken about from the perspective of enhancing the Japanese-style model of talent management. However, we should ask whether human capital management could mean something different for startups. Based on this differing perspective, we are seeing more investors place greater importance on talent strategy when judging the long-term value of companies, with there being a greater need to examine companies from an ESG investment perspective.
Startups are often comprised of highly like-minded members at their founding. The question for these companies will be what kind of diversity will be necessary for them to achieve growth, and what kind of sustainable management will be required of startup companies? We discussed what should be considered for human capital management from the perspective of startups, with a focus on what perspectives and measures will be necessary to achieve sustainable growth.

Unipos Inc., CEO, Yuzuru Tanaka
Neural Inc., CEO Kenji Fuma

Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory, Partner / Sustainability Advisory Leader, Taiko Otsuka


Closing Remarks

Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support, COO/ Technology Fast 50 Japan Representative/27pilots Japan Country Head, Lead Partner/Deloitte Private Asia Pacific, Emerging Growth Leader, Masayuki Kimura

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木村 将之/Masayuki Kimura

木村 将之/Masayuki Kimura

デロイト トーマツ ベンチャーサポート COO / パートナー