Performance Magazine - issue 34


Performance Magazine - issue 35

May 2021

It is ironic to think that in a time when travel eludes many of us, this latest edition of Performance criss-crosses the globe. With contributions from our colleagues in the Netherlands and coverage from Asia to America, as well as insights from closer to home here in Luxembourg, the pages of this, the publication for the investment management industry has taken flight and brings you valuable views from around the world.

In this edition we deep dive into investment management platform providers; their dependence on modular design and visualization in order to succeed, how they are able to address asset managers’ business and operational needs, and the clear technology trends that have emerged over this past year. It is the latter that Bas NieuweWeme, CEO of Aegon Asset Management discusses in his interview with Marieke van Eenennaam, Partner, Deloitte Luxembourg . NieuweWeme looks to the future and examines how the advancement of technology will continue to evolve the industry and how, despite the hardships of COVID-19, the pandemic has in fact accelerated his organization’s transformation.

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