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Risk Operations Center invites you to "risky" workshops

Rzeszów, Lublin

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Come and get insight into the role of the Deloitte Central Europe risk management department! During the workshops you will study the effect of negative publicity, damage to corporate reputation, loss of goodwill, legal and regulatory sanctions on the nowadays global business activities.

About Academy
ROC Academy is organised in the form of interactive workshops and case studies within the field of risk management.

During the workshops, you will have an opportunity to:

  • analyze the companies’ full ownership (genealogical) trees
  • discover your hidden talent as a detective, investigate information regarding fraud and creative, manipulative accountancy
  • assess and advice when it is best to walk away from risky clients and projects
  • identify potential conflicts of interests
  • experience on your own skin that working in front of a computer does not mean boredom and monotony

If you are able to do all these things you’ll become a ROC star!

The workshops will be held in English. 

Who is it for?
We invite third year students of the first degree and students of the second degree of all fields of study.

What are the benefits of joining the Academy?

  • Practical knowledge and experience
  • A certificate and interesting information to be included in your CV
  • Prizes
  • Recruitment coaching
  • Networking with Deloitte's team
  • A fast-track recruitment process for paid internship programs for outstanding participants

Program schedule

ROC Academy, summer semester, Rzeszów
20 and 27 April 2017

ROC Academy, summer semester, Lublin
19 and 26 April 2017

Recruitment process

  • Send us your CV in English (Your CV will be the basis for analytical test qualification)
  • Take selected analytical tests and the language test online
  • Applicants with the highest scores will be invited to take part in the workshop

Reimbursement of travel expenses 
If you have been invited to take part in the initiatives of the Academy, but you don’t live in Rzeszów or Lublin, we will reimburse your travelling expenses, i.e. the costs of your second-class train/bus ticket based on an e-ticket or a photocopy of a traditional ticket.

Wszystko zależy od Ciebie. Deloitte. I kropka.


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