Dispute Services

Dispute Services

Dispute avoidance is usually a business priority. However in an increasingly complex economic environment - when disputes do arise, they may pose challenges in many aspects of business activity. Full understanding of the consequences of avoiding and/or engageing in a dispute often demands mobilisation of technical (accounting, valuation, engineering) and industry expertise in a contentious context.

Why Deloitte

  • Ability to build bridges connecting legal and financial worlds of a dispute
  • Unique combination of financial and technical skills with industry expertise
  • Local presence with project teams tailored to the specifics of the case, but also incorporating our global network of finance and industry professionals for an efficient engagement delivery
  • Perfected ability to perform complex analyses and present them in a concise and user-friendly way
  • Seasoned senior professionals who provide their expert evidence when appointed by parties
    or courts/tribunals in local and international cases
  • Extensive experience in supporting Clients from different sectors and their legal counsel in every type of disputes

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