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Want to offer more than great financial planning? Join us and you’ll be using your strategic thinking to help clients make some of the most critical decisions they’ll ever have to make.

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What you can do in Business & Financial Advisory

If your mind is both analytical and creative you’ll thrive here. What we do goes way beyond financial planning and diligence. Business & Financial Advisory is all about finding the smartest solutions to the most complex challenges. From helping struggling businesses to shine again, to advising the NHS, or finding ways to combat financial crime – you can do it all here. There are so many different aspects to be involved in and inspired by. And so many passionate people to connect with. You can learn, develop, and carve out a career that’s just right for you.

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Discover the possibilities at Deloitte, find out from our people how we can give you the support and training to get your career off to a flying start.

Career options

“There is a lot of diversity in experience and skills, I love that everyone has a different story.”
Hazel, Financial Crime
Our financial advice has a real impact on the growth and future success of the companies and markets we operate in. From Mergers & Acquisitions to Business Modelling and Government & Infrastructure. There’s impact to be made.
Use your skills and cutting-edge technology to help clients combat fraud, anti-money laundering, intellectual property disputes and more. Join us in our Financial Crime or Data Management & Analytics teams.
Sports Business Group
As an analyst in the Sports Business Group you’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the largest and most prestigious sporting organisations in the world. We deliver the highest level of client service and the best advice in financial and business disciplines across the whole geographical and sporting spectrum.
Transaction Services
You could help some of the most recognised brands in the world assess a deal when they are planning to buy or sell businesses. Or you could support our high-profile clients through the execution of large global deals. Within Transaction Services we have a team dedicated to Post-Merger Integrations (PMI), so whatever your interest we have something for you.

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“Completing my first buy-side deal is something I will remember for the rest of my career.”
Ryan, Mergers & Acquisitions

Our people are engaged in some of the most exciting and challenging projects our clients are tackling. Here are just a few examples.

In the NHS we trust

We worked with the largest NHS Trust in the country who were facing losses of £200 million as well as care quality issues. We found that hospital ward managers often had excellent clinical experience but limited management skills. Working alongside the Trust personnel, we developed and delivered training packages covering ward management, rostering, budgets and financial efficiency. The results: Empowered, happier staff. Better planning and care. And a significant reduction in financial losses.

Financial Services Verification tool

Working with our Financial Crime colleagues, we’ve built a product for financial institutions that can help them verify identity. If a company does not have sufficient information about a client, that client might be able to launder money or participate in other corrupt activities, with no red flags being raised. Potentially, this could lead to serious legal issues and even regulatory fines.

Helping to create a New Look

Following a challenging trading performance and over-rented UK store estate we advised retail giant New Look to help restore long term probability via a company voluntary arrangement (CVA). This involved reviewing the existing store portfolio, company performance and working with key stakeholders to ensure they would support the company voluntary arrangement. The CVA was approved with 98% of creditors voting in favour of the proposals.

Forecasting insight in an instant

We have developed DICE – Distributed Intelligent Calculation Engine –a process that takes a large set of data, splits it into lots of smaller tasks, and executes calculations on multiple virtual computers simultaneously. This means we can generate almost instant forecast insight. We can also present it through interactive data visualisations which enable clients to get to the heart of the matter faster, as well as share the information more easily.

“I never feel that I’m on my own and am constantly learning things from the great minds that I have around me.”
Hazel, Financial Crime

Our world is rapidly changing. Innovation is critical. Everything we do here is built on a culture of constant development and adoption of innovative ideas – be those cutting-edge technologies, or smaller quick wins like automating repetitive processes and developing new working methods.

For example, we’ve developed SMART ID, a technology solution that makes it easier for customers to manage their identity information by reducing the number of places they need to maintain it.

We’ve created a Cloud based solution enabling organisations to manage lease portfolios and calculate vital information to meet legal regulations. And developed a licenced subscription service that tackles complex, and potentially costly, tax reporting requirements.

We challenge ourselves every day to deliver bold new services and solutions to our clients. And if you see a way of improving how we work internally, put your hand up. Tell us. There is no such thing as a bad idea.

“I’m doing some pro-bono work for an educational charity at the moment, helping them identify new sources of funding.”
Rory, Transaction Services

You’re not just joining a firm; being part of Deloitte means being part of the world around you so we positively encourage you to volunteer and get involved in your local community. You can volunteer to work with organisations supporting children and youth, community, disability, education and training, ex-military, and the homeless.

And if you have an idea or passion for something we’re not currently involved in, let us know, or take on the challenge of organising it yourself and inspiring others to join in.

What do our people say?

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“Deloitte is a very inclusive place and I’ve been made to feel welcome by everyone.”

What advice do you have for others who are keen to start their career at Deloitte?

My advice is to be honest and confident with your answers and background. As an entry-level applicant, you are not expected to know everything about the job or the industry you will work in. What matters the most is that you show you are enthusiastic and eager to learn. My favourite part of the process was my final round interview in which I had the opportunity to meet future colleagues and understand more about the job and Deloitte’s culture.

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

It can be very hard to understand what financial crime is. Sometimes people think the job is similar to the Secret Intelligence Service, but it is actually quite different. When I tell friends and family about my role, I compare the job to consulting. We highlight issues and help our clients make changes and improvements accordingly. All you need is your problem solving and analytical skills, and to be enthusiastic!

How have you grown since joining Deloitte?

During the past four months, I have grown personally and professional. Transitioning from university to working life is challenging, but it’s also been a really exciting experience. I learn new skills every day. For example, I have learnt to analyse data in detail and think about how I can make improvements and solve problems. By talking to colleagues and clients, I have sharpened my written and verbal communication skills.

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Forensic Technology
“They’re always seeking to innovate with the latest technology; that’s something that makes our team stand out.”

Tell us about your job and the best things about it

Our Products & Solutions team sits within Deloitte’s Forensic Technology department. We use innovative technology to solve complex issues for our clients, specifically in the financial crime and regulatory fields. Which includes developing new software products.

The best thing about my job is having access to cutting-edge technology, such as cloud services, and getting involved in the full software lifecycle, as well as being in an environment where I can continue to develop my skills. That’s something that really motivates me. Every day I learn something new and increase my technical skills.

Isn’t it all just work, work, work?

The social side of Deloitte is great, being able to go on socials after work with my team, but also wider teams in the company, is a great way to meet new people, get involved and increase my network – but also have fun!

What’s the best thing about your office?

Working in St Albans is great because, even though it’s a regional office, it’s still very much connected with the London campus. Our office also works with local charities, such as EarthWorks. This is great because it enables us to make an impact on wider society.

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Transaction Services
“I can honestly say that I’m learning all of the time, and I love that.”

You joined through the BrightStart Programme. How did you find the application process? Any tips?

I found it pretty smooth. It mainly focused on my skills to work independently as well as part of a team. I did a group presentation, an exercise focused around the sort of tasks I would have to do if I got the job, and a couple of interviews. I’d always advise anyone preparing for the application process to do some research into the role you’re applying for and also to ask questions in your interview.

Is there anything you’ve been particularly surprised by since joining?

I’ve been surprised by how much of a team spirit there is within my office and service line. I thought that, given the size of the firm, it would be difficult to find that. But the reality is that I’ve become part of a great and supportive team who are genuinely invested in my development.

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Financial Advisory
“There is a clear route set out for progression here.”

Can you tell us a bit about your role?

I am a Software Developer so I write code. To give a bit more detail, I am currently working on a web-based application as a full-stack developer. This involves working on all aspects of the software from back-end to front-end. I’ll be rotating into different areas so that I can experience all of the processes that go into developing the product.

How do you feel you’ve developed since you joined Deloitte?

There is a clear route set out for progression here, and regular meetings with my people leader, team lead and coach help me keep track of that. There is always an opportunity to learn, whether it is through day-to-day work or during the monthly training day when I can pursue my personal areas of interest more in-depth. I’ve been trained to be a full-stack developer - I’d never done front-end development before joining Deloitte so it was really interesting. I’m excited to complete the different rotations as part of the grad scheme as I will learn so much more working in teams that are based in different areas of the software development life cycle.

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“The Deloitte networks are a fantastic way to extend your own internal network too.”

Can you tell us a bit about what you do in Forensic?

To put it simply, my job is to help organisations limit their exposure to financial crime. Working on preventing financial crime gives me a real sense of purpose because everything we do is another step towards making it harder for criminals to benefit from their illicit activities and a nudge towards making the world a more pleasant place. Fostered by Deloitte’s collaborative environment; we all have our part to play.

And what do you love about it?

I love that I’ve been encouraged to take on responsibilities that enable me to interact with the client. I think that’s so brilliant at such an early stage in my career. It’s allowed me to gain confidence, which puts me in good stead going forward.

What’s been a challenge and how have you been supported through that?

I found coming into the role with limited technical knowledge quite a challenge initially because it made me doubt myself on occasion. But the team have been amazing, so supportive. I have had introduction sessions and have been pointed towards the relevant materials that allow me to develop my knowledge and understanding. I’ve learnt a huge amount since I’ve been here.

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