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Student opportunities in Audit & Assurance

Innovation. Diversity. Far-reaching impact. These are the words you’ll associate with Audit & Assurance when you join Deloitte. Our industry is changing fast. Accounting standards and regulations are evolving, clients becoming increasingly complex and global. As the experts, we’re right out front, creating better ways to give clients the assurance they need to act in today’s complex business world. This ever-more challenging environment means endless opportunities to make your mark.

What you can do here

Why work in Audit & Assurance?

Intellectual Challenge

We deal in complexity, analysing problems, working out what’s important and delivering solutions. So expect to use your critical thinking skills and judgement.

From the beginning of your time with us, you’ll be encouraged to really get to know your client’s business and how they work. That might mean visiting a manufacturing site to learn about the water purification process, for example, or even to do a stock count for a doughnut company – true story!

We’re refocusing our work on what matters most: delivering value. Which means we’re actively seeking opportunities to eliminate anything that doesn’t help us deliver the highest quality audit. So, you’ll be spending less time “doing the audit” and more time with your clients, on your own development, and on achieving your ideal work-life balance.

What We Do

We work with some of the most influential multinationals, innovative start-ups and biggest household names in sectors that range from financial services to manufacturing, real estate to pharmaceutical and media to energy. Our work underpins the accuracy of the financial information that shareholders use to make economic and investment decisions.

We use our in-depth knowledge, insights and experience to help our clients:

  • Improve the quality of their control environment and so reduce the risk of error and fraud;
  • Improve efficiency and productivity;
  • Better understand their long-term risks such as industry and regulatory trends.

Ensuring quality, integrity and reliability in an audit means firms must continuously find ways to improve what they do and how they do it. At Deloitte, embedding a culture of innovation to improve how we serve our clients and train our people is a priority.

We’re innovating in many different ways. From 1,800 of us getting together to share ideas in our innovation zone, to developing patented analytic tools; from creating robotic technology to streamlining the audit process to help small businesses.

More Than Work

The geographic diversity of our clients and our global network of national firms means that they’ll be plenty of opportunities for both national and international travel too. You’ll have the chance to work with colleagues and clients across the UK and around the world; you’ll experience different cultures and develop an understanding of local business and regulatory environments.

Nothing bonds people together like shared experiences and we believe that our success is dependent on our strong relationships with each other. You’ll have the chance to work with a diverse group of fun, professional, intelligent people, who all share a common purpose.

What’s more, we encourage everyone to get involved in corporate responsibility and social activities. Your participation will make a real impact that matters and you’ll make new friends and develop your professional networks along the way.

Your Career

Early Career Development Programme

Over five to six years*, our programme will equip you with all the skills you need to deliver high quality Audit and Assurance work, in a rapidly changing industry. We focus on both professional and leadership training to help develop students throughout their professional journey. There are opportunities to gain insights into other parts of the firm via a rotation programme, as well as a choice of career pathways. Our coaching framework combines formal training with on-the-job learning, in an inspiring, diverse and inclusive environment. During the course of the programme, you’ll graduate with a prestigious ICAEW or ICAS accounting qualification.

*Programme length is six years for BrightStarts.

Early on in your career you’ll be given responsibility for developing people and managing teams. And every step of the way you’ll be supported by your wider team and our Learning and Development infrastructure. Our growth opportunities enable you to build the networks, skills and specialisms required to take your career to the next level.

Explore your options:

Deloitte Private

What we do

This group works with the fastest growing, most influential privately owned business es within the UK. Not only in our capacity as auditor s’, but developing relationships to become our clients’ trusted advisor s’ across a range of professional services.

Our diverse range of clients means you’ll be working with well-established Private Equity backed businesses and the UK’s largest privately owned firms, alongside high growth, dynamic entrepreneurial companies.

Working in Deloitte Private Markets gives you the rare opportunity to see all aspects of a business and dig deeper into the detail of what makes a business tick. While you’re still heavily involved in the financial reporting function, you also have the opportunity to focus on the key operations of a business and have the chance to think of new and insightful ways for clients to improve their processes, adding tremendous value.

Your career

Our clients are extremely dynamic; many are focused on becoming a listed company. Being part of this journey provides us with real-life knowledge and exposes us to the challenges that our clients are constantly going through.

By understanding what needs to be achieved, and how our clients plan to go about delivering their vision, we develop vital financial and business skills that will help us become future leaders of our industry.

Private has a unique culture, where thinkers are encouraged to thrive and where everyone, regardless of grade, is given the chance to improve the department. This common goal brings us all closer together.

"What makes Deloitte Private unique is the opportunity to see a huge variety of clients and progress quickly. Our clients tend to be smaller, we can spend anything from two to six weeks on an audit. This is great for business exposure and building your network. The scale of our clients will give you the opportunity, early in your career, to manage the end to end audit.”.

Sarah Bryars, Deloitte Private.

Financial Services

What we do

Our client portfolio includes every kind of financial services organisation, from insurance sector companies to investment management and private equity firms to those in banking and capital markets. We work with some of the industry’s key players, as well as its rising stars. With such a broad range of clients, you’ll have many, diverse opportunities to develop a comprehensive knowledge of financial services.

As well as your external audit engagements, you can get involved with internal audit projects, develop skills in InsurTech, help clients understand and respond to regulatory challenges, and work within teams across Deloitte on large scale projects, in the UK and internationally.

Your career

Innovation is important to everyone at Deloitte. From process automation to reframing our team structure, we’re on a constant drive for positive transformation – for our clients and our people. With robots now taking care of routine tasks here, for example, you’re free to focus on what you do best: interpreting information, collaborating and communicating.

We have an Insurer Technology team within our Insurance Audit and Assurance group. Join them and you’ll work with colleagues throughout the firm, to give clients the information and insights they need to make great decisions.

Regions and Offshore

We have opportunities right across the UK, from London to Belfast. Our 21 diverse locations range from major cities, such as Birmingham, Cardiff and Manchester, to smaller cities and towns, often with their own local industry focus, including Bristol and Reading.

You don’t need to be in the capital to work with the largest organisations in the industry. Edinburgh is the second biggest financial services centre in the UK. While Glasgow is a significant service industry hub for many UK and global companies. In fact, the Deloitte office here is the UK’s Funds audit Centre of Excellence.

We even have some great opportunities further afield, in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, with our Offshore Audit and Assurance Group. Wherever you are, you’ll have opportunities to work with global clients and experience overseas secondments, some as far away as Australia.


What we do

Within our FTSE group you’ll have the opportunity to work with the UK’s largest publicly listed companies, a real who’s who of the most recognisable firms in UK, those that are leading the business agenda. Your work has the potential to impact on the investment community and analysts, as well as on our clients’ performance on the London Stock Exchange.

Not only will you support your client year round, but connect with their senior teams and build strong relationships. You’ll have the opportunity to work across a range of sectors. Very quickly, you’ll understand how complex businesses operate and will use advanced audit technology to focus our work in the right areas. In FTSE timing is everything, as results have to be published to strict deadlines. We also seek to drive higher standards of governance and transparency.

You career

As our clients are often complex, you’ll need an inquisitive mind and the ability to solve problems in a fast moving and exciting environment. These organisations trust us to execute the highest quality audits and to influence the corporate governance agenda. As your career evolves, you will develop a deep understanding of how your clients’ businesses work and will build client relationships far beyond the main finance team, allowing you to deliver true value added insights.

"Through Deloitte, I have gained so much experience and I have grown so much as a person since joining 10 months ago.”.

Jodie Fowler, BrightStart, FTSE.


What we do

Our International business works with public companies across the globe, focusing on a foreign-owned portfolio of clients, including some of the world’s most influential global brands. Covering multiple time zones and working closely with colleagues across the world are all part of life in this group.

Your clients are likely to be some of the largest and most successful of the businesses Deloitte works with in the UK. And the most complex, influential and exciting, giving you the opportunity to develop intellectually as well as develop on your people skills.

We work with almost all industries, including consumer business, energy and resources, technology media and telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure and real estate. This means you can experience a variety of businesses or you can choose to specialise.

Your career

If you respond to the intellectual challenge of understanding a business and its key controls, this is for you. You’ll be able to develop relationships far beyond the main finance team, and offer insights that are truly valued, as they go to the heart of how our clients’ run their businesses.

You’ll have opportunities to travel too, potentially on overseas secondments to key global markets. Working in this group means you’ll quickly build an international, and UK-wide, network.

"It’s working with clients and Deloitte teams from around the globe, understanding the different cultures, business dynamics and time zones. US regulation features in a number of International clients, this offers me the opportunity to diversify the breadth of my technical knowledge.".

Fiona Grew, International.

"I had the opportunity to work on some of the world’s largest energy and pharmaceutical companies in addition to working on IPO readiness projects, allowing me to develop my financial accounting, team management and commercial skills. The International business also has a very diverse culture with a variety of socials for everyone to get involved.".

Abdul Shaikh, International.

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