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Innovation. Diversity. Far-reaching impact. These are the words you will associate with Audit & Assurance when you join Deloitte. Our industry is changing fast. Accounting standards and regulations are evolving, clients becoming increasingly complex and global. As the experts, we’re right out front, creating better ways to give clients the assurance they need to act in today’s complex business world. This ever-more challenging environment means endless opportunities to make your mark.

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Audit and Assurance Reimagined

The work that we do underpins the accuracy of the financial information which is used to make economic and investment decisions by shareholders. This robust challenge and independent assessment of company information provides our people with deep client insight and invaluable experience in the world of finance and business. In fact, did you know that 23% of FTSE 100 CEO’s are chartered accountants.*

We work with some of the most influential multinationals, innovative start-ups and biggest house hold names in sectors that range from financial services to manufacturing, real estate to pharmaceutical and media to energy. From the beginning of your time with us, you’ll be encouraged to really get to know your client’s business and how they work. In fact, our in-depth knowledge, insights and experience puts us in a unique position to help our clients:

  • Improve the quality of their control environment and hence reducing the risk of error and fraud;
  • Improve efficiency and productivity; and 
  • Better understand their long term risks such as industry and regulatory trends.

*Source from Robert Half press release.

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What a career in Audit and Assurance offers

We deal in complexity, analysing problems, working out what’s important and delivering solutions. This requires the application of critical thinking and judgement. You could visit a manufacturing site, learn about the water purification process or even stock count for a doughnut company! (Although we can’t promise everyone will get to do this). 

Early on in your career you’ll be given responsibility for developing people and managing teams, every step of the way you’ll be supported by your wider team and our Learning and Development infrastructure. Our growth opportunities enable you to build the networks, skills and specialisms required to take your career to the next level.

Nothing bonds people together like shared experiences and we believe that our success is dependent on our strong relationships with each other. You’ll have the chance to work with a diverse group of fun, professional, intelligent people, who all share a common purpose.

The geographic diversity of our clients and our global network of national firms means that they’ll be plenty of opportunity for both national and international travel. You’ll have the chance to work with colleagues and clients across the UK and around the world, youll experience different cultures and develop an understanding of local business and regulatory environments.

For us Innovation is about more than technology, technological advances can only be made if our people are always looking to improve and do things differently, which we encourage. Innovation enabled by technology driven by mind-set and culture.

We believe we get the most out of people when they have the freedom to pursue their passions. We encourage everyone to get involved in corporate responsibility and social activities. Your participation will make a real impact that matters and you’ll make new friends and develop your professional networks along the way.  

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Explore your options: our four businesses

We operate four businesses within the Audit & Assurance Service line: Private Markets, FTSE, International and Financial Services.

Private markets

What we do

This group is committed to working with the fastest growing, most influential privately owned business within the UK. Not only in our capacity as auditor, but developing relationships to become our clients’ trusted advisor across a range of professional services.  

Our diverse range of clients means you’ll be working with well-established Private Equity backed businesses and the UK’s largest privately owned firms, alongside high growth, dynamic entrepreneurial companies.

This is a multi-million pound audit and advisory market, in which we’ve already enjoyed great success, high growth and exposure to significant capital market opportunities – helping clients to prepare for transactions or life as a listed company. It also offers a unique opportunity to work directly with owners throughout the business life-cycle, meaning you’ll deliver high value-add propositions and gain a much deeper understanding of your clients.

What makes us different?

Graduate opportunities"What makes Private Markets unique is the opportunity to see a huge variety of clients and progress quickly. Our clients tend to be smaller, we can spend anything from two to six weeks on an audit. This is great for business exposure and building your network. The scale of our clients will give you the opportunity, early in your career, to manage the end to end audit." – Sarah Bryars, Private Markets.

What is a day in the Private Markets team like? Read our blog here to find out more.


What we do

Within our FTSE group you’ll have the opportunity to work with the UK’s largest publicly listed companies, a real who’s who of the most recognisable firms in UK, those that are leading the business agenda. Your work has the potential to impact on the investment community and analysts, as well as on our clients’ performance on the London Stock Exchange.

These organisations trust us to execute the highest quality audits and to influence the corporate governance agenda. Which takes a deep understanding of how their businesses work and means you’ll develop client relationships far beyond the main finance team, allowing you to deliver true value added insights.

What makes us different?

Graduate opportunities"FTSE is unique in that we work with our clients to deliver their results on time to the market. The link to the equity markets makes it more interesting for me, as the companies you are working on are household names and results announcements can affect the stock price." – Matt Wardlaw, FTSE.

What is a day in the FTSE team like? Read our blog here to find out more.


What we do

Our International business works with public companies across the globe, focusing on a foreign-owned portfolio of clients, including some of the world’s most influential global brands. Covering multiple time zones and working closely with colleagues across the world are all part of life in this group.

Your clients are likely to be some of the largest and most successful of the businesses Deloitte works with in the UK. And the most complex, influential and exciting. If you respond to the intellectual challenge of understanding a business and its key controls, this is for you. You’ll be able to develop relationships far beyond the main finance team, and offer insights that are truly valued, as they go to the heart of how our clients’ run their businesses.

You’ll have opportunities to travel too, potentially on overseas secondments to key global markets. Working in this group means you’ll quickly build an international, and UK-wide, network. 

What makes us different?

Graduate opportunities"It’s working with clients and Deloitte teams from around the globe, understanding the different cultures, business dynamics and time zones. US regulation features in a number of International clients, this offers me the opportunity to diversify the breadth of my technical knowledge." – Fiona Grew, International.

What is a day in the International team like? Read our blog here to find out more.

Financial services

What we do

Our clients cover every kind of Financial Services organisation, large and small, public and private. And the services we provide for them are truly diverse.

In addition to audit engagements, you can potentially develop skills in financial instruments, help clients understand and respond to regulatory challenges, and work within teams across Deloitte on large scale projects, in the UK and internationally. You’ll have frequent exposure to the highest profile, headline-making clients, who operate within some of the strictest regulatory frameworks imaginable.

Within FS, you’ll also have the opportunity to tailor your skills in one of our three specialist groups: Insurance, Investment Management & Private Equity and Banking and Capital Markets (B&CM).

What makes us different?

Graduate opportunities"Financial Services is unique because of the diversity of opportunities. There are centres of excellence to work in such as pensions or funds, or you can specialise in US audits. For me, gaining my US accreditation meant I could work on listed investments trusts. Stepping into the clients shoes by undertaking a client secondment is also an option in FS." – Ross Peacock Financial Services.

What is a day in the Financial Services team like? Read our blog here to find out more.

Our work is making an impact

Ensuring quality, integrity and reliability in an audit means firms must continuously find ways to improve what they do and how they do it. At Deloitte, embedding a culture of innovation to improve how we serve our clients and train our people is a priority.

We’re innovating in many different ways. From 1,800 of us getting together to brainstorm in our innovation zone, to developing patented analytic tools; from creating robotic technology to streamlining the audit process to help small businesses.  

Impact of Audit & Assurance

How we’re innovating our audit business in four key areas.

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