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Student opportunities in Audit & Assurance

Innovation. Diversity. Far-reaching impact. These are the words you’ll associate with Audit & Assurance when you join Deloitte. Our industry is changing fast. Accounting standards and regulations are evolving, clients becoming increasingly complex and global. As the experts, we’re right out front, creating better ways to give clients the assurance they need to act in today’s complex business world. This ever-more challenging environment means endless opportunities to make your mark.

Why work in Audit & Assurance?

Intellectual Challenge

We deal in complexity, analysing problems, working out what’s important and delivering solutions. So expect to use your critical thinking skills and judgement.

From the start, you’ll be encouraged to really get to know your client’s business, their IT systems and how they work. That might mean visiting a manufacturing site to learn about the water purification process, for example, or even doing a stock count for a doughnut company – true story!

We’re refocusing our work on what matters most: delivering value. Which means we’re actively seeking opportunities to eliminate anything that doesn’t help us deliver the highest quality audit. So, you’ll be spending less time “doing the audit” and more time with your clients, on your own development, and on achieving your ideal work-life balance.

What We Do

We work with some of the most influential multinationals, innovative start-ups and biggest household names in sectors that range from financial services to manufacturing, real estate to pharmaceutical and media to energy. Our work underpins the accuracy of the financial information that shareholders use to make economic and investment decisions.

We use our in-depth knowledge, insights and experience to help our clients:

  • Improve the quality of their control environment and so reduce the risk of error and fraud;
  • Improve efficiency and productivity;
  • Better understand their long-term risks such as industry and regulatory trends.

Ensuring quality, integrity and reliability in an audit means firms must continuously find ways to improve what they do and how they do it. At Deloitte, embedding a culture of innovation to improve how we serve our clients and train our people is a priority.

We’re innovating in many different ways. From 1,800 of us getting together to share ideas in our innovation zone, to developing patented analytic tools; from creating robotic technology to streamlining the audit process to help small businesses.

More Than Work

Nothing bonds people together like shared experiences and we believe that our success is dependent on our strong relationships with each other. You’ll have the chance to work with a diverse group of fun, professional, intelligent people, who all share a common purpose.

What’s more, we encourage everyone to get involved in corporate responsibility and social activities. Your participation will make a real impact that matters and you’ll make new friends and develop your professional networks along the way.

Your Career

Early Career Development Programme

Over five to six years*, our programme will equip you with all the skills you need to deliver high quality Audit and Assurance work, in a rapidly changing industry. We focus on both professional and leadership training to help develop students throughout their professional journey. There are opportunities to gain insights into other parts of the firm via a rotation programme, as well as a choice of career pathways. Our coaching framework combines formal training with on-the-job learning, in an inspiring, diverse and inclusive environment. During the course of the programme, you’ll graduate with a prestigious ICAEW, ICAS or CIMA accounting qualification.

*Programme length is six years for BrightStarts.

Early on in your career you’ll be given responsibility for developing people and managing teams. And every step of the way you’ll be supported by your wider team and our Learning and Development infrastructure. Our growth opportunities enable you to build the networks, skills and specialisms required to take your career to the next level.

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What we do

To be resilient, businesses must be ready to respond to current and future challenges and opportunities. They’re also being required to be more transparent with their reporting, to drive trust and confidence in the market, and protect the wider public interest.

Assurance builds, maintains and develops confidence. We provide independent assurance by assessing the risks and underlying processes, so that organisations can make the right decision for them.

We bring an auditors’ mindset to our assurance offering, drawing on expertise and experience from across Deloitte, globally. Our teams provide recommendations, to deliver meaningful, quality outcomes and information to those in charge of governance, and to build trust amongst stakeholders and investors.

Ours is a diverse team of industry experts that includes ex-regulators, industry practitioners, digital specialists, accountants, and treasury and capital market professionals.

Your career

From huge multinationals to game-changing start-ups, you’ll get to work with clients that are leading the business and professional agenda, here in the UK and globally. Whatever your area of expertise, you’ll have the chance to experience many different sectors: financial services, manufacturing, real estate, pharmaceutical, media, energy and more. Explore our business areas and discover what’s right for you.

During the course of all of our Assurance graduate programmes you’ll complete the CIMA qualification, helping you develop a strategic mindset to Management Accounting.

Analytics & Modelling

Just about every business gathers and holds valuable digital data, which they input into models, including spreadsheets and databases, to produce analytics that help them make key decisions, monitor their business, and present to third parties. We help our clients with all three of these activities – data, models and analytics – giving assurance over what they’ve produced, or helping to improve them.

There are two teams that make up Analytics & Modelling; one focussed on Corporate clients and one on clients within Financial Services. Typical projects can include looking for risks and issues within large datasets; carrying out financial modelling work for customer remediation (e.g. when banks have mis-sold products, we calculate what redress may be due); and developing models that can be used to predict things such as upcoming revenue and cashflows.

A third team, the Credit Risk Decision Science team, specialises in credit risk measurement and helps in our audits of banks’ loan loss reserves and provides advice to our assurance clients.

Insurance Strategy and Regulation

Making a lasting impact in the insurance sector, we provide practical, commercial solutions for global businesses who need a deep understanding of the market and its regulatory context. By working closely with regulators, industry bodies and clients, and conducting our own market research, we’ve built a reputation for our market leading advice and are at the cutting edge of emerging regulatory trends.

Join us and you’ll be guiding clients on things like prudential rules, conduct of business rules and financial crime legislation. You’ll also be involved in large scale investigations on behalf of UK regulators and helping firms prepare for regulatory visits. All working within multi-disciplinary teams, drawn from across Deloitte, to provide a truly global perspective.

Corporate Treasury

In today’s ever-changing and challenging business environment, corporate treasurers play a pivotal role in managing financial risk and advising on business strategy decisions. Our clients increasingly face foreign exchange issues, and commodity and liquidity risk in volatile and competitive markets. They’re also impacted by regulatory changes and an increasingly automated treasury environment.

Joining our expert corporate treasury team, you’ll get to develop and use deep financial instrument experience to impact on a broad range of corporate clients across every industry sector. That includes supporting the treasurer and the CFO in all sorts of ways that could include:

  • Advising on accounting, valuations, governance and financial controls.
  • Providing accounting advice on challenging and complex treasury transactions.
  • Assisting in developing solutions for the application of hedge accounting and derivative valuations.
  • Providing independent advice and assurance over all aspects of an organisations’ control environment throughout the treasury lifecycle.

Markets Assurance

We help clients navigate the various challenges they face throughout the market lifecycle, and help them build assurance and restore confidence in their risk and control frameworks.

For example, a market disturbance might be caused by misconduct or market manipulation, resulting in litigation and disputes. Here, we’d support clients by acting as expert witnesses, and conduct investigations for regulators and management. In the face of market reforms, such as new codes of conduct, we’ll help businesses understand the changes and adjust their systems, processes and controls. And we’ll help them regain confidence that they’re ‘fit for audit’, through reviews and analysis.

Prudential Regulation Assurance

Our Prudential Regulation Assurance Experts are a multi-disciplinary team of motivated, energetic ex-regulators, industry professionals and regulatory consultants. Together, they provide financial rules, liquidity, treasury, recovery and resolution planning, as well as conduct of business, client money and assets regulatory advice.

Our broad range of clients includes many financial sector household names, but more often they’re working on investment banking, wealth management and broking projects. From one-off advice to support with regulatory requirements, projects here can last a matter of days, weeks, or even months.

Securitisation Assurance

Our Securitisation Assurance team has been providing deal support services to clients across UK and Europe for the last 20 years and. During this time, they’ve been involved in thousands of transactions across a whole host of asset classes.In this team, you’ll get to work with clients that include retail and commercial bank lenders, building societies, specialist lenders and private equity firms.


Our Transactions team leads on key financial reporting work streams in debt and Equity Capital Market transactions. We work closely with teams across Deloitte to deliver the very best transactional expertise on a wide range of areas.

Algorithm Assurance

With the public paying more attention than ever to the use of algorithms, there’s a growing need for assurance over their associated risks and that they’re working as expected. Regulators and those charged with governance need to consider how they’re being identified, used, controlled and managed.

A robust algorithm control framework is fundamental to algorithm risk management. It needs to cover everything from governance, oversight, and algorithm deployment testing to algorithm controls around key risks, monitoring, and surveillance.

In each of these areas and more, many markets are looking to set standards and organisations want to understand how their use of algorithms stack up against industry expectations – and our team play a vital role in it all.

Benchmarks Assurance

Financial Benchmarks and Indices underpin transactions worth trillions of dollars across the financial services sector and beyond. Following the historical investigations into alleged manipulation of critical benchmarks – such as LIBOR and FX – the administration, contribution, and use of benchmarks and indices are now subject to significant regulatory requirements for global firms operating in the UK and Europe. Global reform of Inter Bank Offered Rates (IBORs) is also currently high on the agenda of regulators and firms alike, making this a fascinating area of our business to make an impact on.

Client Assets (CASS)

We work with a wide range of financial institutions in the capital, retail and wealth management sectors to insurance brokers and FinTech disruptors, such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer platforms. Joining an expert team, you’ll help organisations to benefit from our broad range of professional services solutions, deep industry experience and regulatory knowledge.

We offer a range of services to help financial institutions meet their regulatory obligations and protect client assets. Combining deep regulatory technical insight with unrivalled industry experience, we provide world-class solutions – and the chance to develop your career amongst some of the best in the business.


Payment services are a growing sector in the financial services industry. Driven by changes in consumer behaviours and expectations, the changing landscape of the payment’s ecosystem, and pace of innovative solutions entering the market, mean that growth is set to continue over the next few years. Protecting consumers has to be at the heart of this sector as it develops, which is why we support firms to keep up with every regulatory expectation and maintain customer trust and confidence.

Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG) Assurance

With boards and audit committees having a laser focus on all things ESG, investors need more detailed and verified ESG information. And while regulatory reporting requirements, such as Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, are rapidly increasing in scale and scope, reforms in auditing mean that ESG information now needs to be reported in their Audit & Assurance Policy too.

The scope for ESG assurance is ever-growing. From integrating sustainability reviews into annual reporting, to public scrutiny, the need for accurate, comparable and robust reporting means ESG assurance is more critical than ever – and our experts help to make sure that happens.

Resilience Assurance

Now more than ever, all eyes are on how robust and resilient a business is. There are even government proposals for businesses to add a Resilience Statement to their annual reporting. It’s a time of huge change and an area of increasing focus as regulators want to see that firms are making resilience a strategic priority in terms of their finances, operations and reputation. We work with all sorts of organisations to help provide that assurance.


"What sets a career in Audit apart is the opportunity you have to see first-hand how some of the biggest names in business operate behind the scenes. Larger audits offer a wealth of opportunities for you to get involved in, depending on where your interests lie, and the chance to make a name for yourself. In spending more time working with your client, you get to really understand their business and help the firm forge key client relationships.”

Aiden Corbet, Assistant Manager

What we do

As the leading experts in Audit & Assurance, there’s nowhere better to develop your career in one of the most surprisingly innovative areas of business. So, what is Audit & Assurance at Deloitte?

Put simply, we build confidence and trust between businesses and the public,and help everyone to make better decisions that are informed by accurate and meaningful corporate information. We do this in lots of ways, across three main areas:

  • Our Large & Complex Audit team work with clients that include banks, insurers, public sector organisations and some of the largest listed organisations around the world.
  • Our Portfolio Audit group focuses on the audit of entrepreneurial, high growth businesses. Our clients span a wide range of sectors including privately owned corporates, real estate funds, pension schemes, financial services brokers, investment managers, securitisations and other organisations.
  • Our Assurance business helps organisations to become more resilient, agile and better prepared for the future.

As the world continues to change at pace, people expect organisations to be fully accountable for their actions – and rightly so. That’s what gives audit and assurance the power to change society for the better. Working with everyone from policy makers and industry bodies, to CEOs and global audit committees, we’re influencing at the highest levels – and passionate about developing people with the potential to do the same. Assuring investors and the public that organisations are ethically sound, wholly legal and transparent, it’s an exciting time to join us.

Your career

Develop your career in Audit with Deloitte, and you’ll be protecting the public interest. Learning alongside some of the very best audit professionals, you’ll enable organisations across every sector to be transparent about what they do, build stronger systems of quality control, increase their capability to manage risk and crucially, grow the confidence of the public. The expectations to provide high quality corporate reporting have never been greater. At Deloitte, we have a big part to play in enabling organisations to provide this vital information, and it’s what drives us to become better ourselves, too.

Quality is the cornerstone of all we do, supported by our deep technical expertise, the experience we draw upon across our global network, our technology focus and our commitment to continuously developing our auditors. Join us in Audit & Assurance and you’ll be proud of the impact we make together.

Building public trust

As the leading experts, we help to strengthen trust between businesses and the public, by responding to emerging issues and risks, and making sure that the information that companies report is clear and reliable. Transparency is so important to us. Which is why we don’t stop there. We’re also transparent about how we assess risk and obtain our findings, and where we see any issues on the horizon, we give early warning to help support any changes that need making in the public interest.

Tools and technology

Our team combine the latest tools, technologies and agile processes and procedures to deliver high quality audits and provide assurance. We audit and support a broad range of listed organisations and their subsidiaries in the UK and internationally, as well as in the private sector, including entrepreneurial and high growth businesses. We have strong industry credentials across the financial services and corporate landscape and can draw on a wide range of specialists and experts across our extensive global network.

IT Specialists (IT Audit & Assurance)

As the name suggests, our IT Specialist (IT Audit & Assurance) team work across both the audit and the assurance parts of our business – focussing specifically on technology.

  • IT Audit: We work across all parts of the audit business to assess the risk around IT systems that generate financially relevant information. You’ll learn how IT supports business objectives and key processes. For example, what systems are used to run a bank, telecoms company, software provider, water company etc. You’ll learn what risks exist in these systems and what controls companies have in place to mitigate these risks; you’ll also see the impact of new technology on business as well as challenging audited entities as their control environments develop. And perhaps most importantly of all, you’ll learn how to speak “IT” to business-minded people – having a solid understanding of both technology and finance is an invaluable and rare skill. Our purpose is to serve the public interest and help give confidence that the financial information going out to stakeholders (e.g. shareholders, employees, regulators etc.) is correct.
  • IT Assurance: You’ll work on a variety of projects with some great clients – focussing on IT assurance. Even though IT environments are becoming more and more complex and critical for day-to-day business operations, an organisation’s management may still not be aware of the exact risks faced by its IT environments. All of the core skills you develop through IT Audit will stand you in good stead for this broader IT assurance work. This will include helping to deliver controls assurance engagements which allow service organisations and other third parties (e.g. cloud system providers, market infrastructure operators) to provide controls assurance under a recognised reporting standard to their customers – these engagements are critical in today’s extended business environment.

A graduate career in the IT Specialist (IT Audit & Assurance) team will provide you with a wide-range of clients from FTSE100 organisations to smaller private entities and a broad range of industries. The variety of experience will allow you to decide where you want to focus as you progress your career and on what type of work you enjoy. After just a few years, you’ll feel confident to look at an organisation, explain their business processes, how IT fits into them, identify where risk lies and spot controls that management has in place to address that risk, as well as confidently report all of this back to senior stakeholders.

As part of your graduate opportunity, you will have the option to chose to study towards the ACA qualification with either ICAS or ICAEW depending on which country you are located within. Other relevant certifications such as CISA are offered during your career with us.

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