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United States Tennis Association client spotlight

As trusted advisor of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), we help them achieve their goals of promoting, developing, and growing the game of tennis in the United States. Our relationship includes both professional services work to transform the USTA’s digital ecosystem and a wide-ranging six-year sponsorship agreement.

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Increasing digital connectivity between the organization and players at all levels through a new digital enterprise system

Serving up digital transformation

We were brought in to help the USTA reimagine its digital presence to increase connectivity and make them more strategic and engaging across all platforms. Even in the early stages, these efforts have already helped attract youth, connect players, and build a new generation of fans. To learn more about their digital transformation, watch the client spotlight above or download the corresponding article.

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A new doubles team

Over the next three years, Deloitte will be teaming with the USTA Foundation, where we’ll serve as the presenting sponsor of the National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) essay contest. As part of the USTA Foundation’s mission to use tennis as a vehicle to help under-resourced youth become more engaged in school, the essay contest encourages students to write essays on a specific prompt that requires research and analysis.

Out of the more than 2,500 entries that the USTA Foundation receives each year, 10 winners will be selected to spend a weekend in New York City, including an immersive and educational mentoring program at Deloitte’s office at 30 Rock.

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Perfecting our top spin

Client spotlights feature Deloitte clients’ successes in an impactful and engaging storytelling format. We enable our clients to tell their own stories about how, together, we deliver an impact that matters.

A whole new ball game: Navigating digital transformation in the sports industry

Digital technology is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for growth in the sports industry, offering the potential to draw fans closer through innovative and customized experiences. To capitalize on this opportunity, however, digital will need to be embedded in every aspect of the business, transforming people, processes, and technology. Learn more about the opportunities for growth that changes in technology pose for the sports industry.

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