There’s more to tennis than game, set, match

Engineering advantage with the USTA. Proud sponsor of the US Open and US Open Wheelchair Championships.

Proudly serving up a bolder future for tennis

Proudly serving up a bolder future for tennis

The USTA is committed to empowering more people than ever through the sport of tennis. As the Official Professional Services Sponsor of the US Open Tennis Championships, Deloitte works with them to navigate the road ahead and help build a stronger future as they strive to connect new players and fans to the game.

Discover how we’re engineering advantage with the USTA and helping them drive tennis forward.

Our work

With transformative business strategies we’re helping engineer advantage for the USTA with the goal of elevating the
US Open brand and leveling-up their e-commerce strategy.

All for the game.
The game for all.

All for the game. The game for all.

Deloitte is beyond proud to be the presenting sponsor of the US Open Wheelchair Championships—an event that’s seen its field of competitors double in recent years. Wheelchair tennis is an exciting sport, and the athletes who compete are professional tennis players and multi-dimensional beyond the court of play—like elite player and major doubles champion Dana Mathewson.

Now serving: Skills, shots, and tips

Dana and her coach, Jason Harnett, guide you through the skills, shots, and equipment unique to wheelchair tennis. Watch our video series for a look at what Dana does to compete at the highest level of wheelchair tennis.

The inverted backhand

Find out how this powerful shot changed the game and opened up possibilities for offensive-minded players.

Building agility and mobility

In a game where responsiveness is rewarded, agility is essential. Here’s how to help build it in wheelchair tennis.

Gameday gear

You may notice some differences between everyday chairs and sports chairs, and you can join Dana to find out more.

Strengthening more than just the future of the sport

Strengthening more than just the future of the sport

Empowering young people through tennis

As the presenting sponsor of the National Junior Tennis League Essay Contest, Deloitte is dedicated to helping strengthen tomorrow’s leaders. The annual contest selects 10 national winners from thousands of entries.

Deloitte and the USTA host the winners for an in-person immersive and educational learning experience in New York City. It’s our way of honoring their efforts while offering them a glimpse of what the future could hold.

Photo Credit: Darren Carroll/USTA

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