A next-gen
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The situation

As the national governing body for the sport of tennis, the USTA is the leader in driving the sport’s growth on every level in the United States. It invests 100% of its proceeds into furthering the game at the grassroots and professional levels. The USTA also hosts the US Open, a growing global event that is broadcast in more than 200 countries and drew in more than 950,000 total attendees in 2023. To further tap into the power of its brand, USTA leadership engaged Deloitte to assess how to optimize its global e-commerce strategy and private-label merchandise.



The solve

Deloitte helped the USTA better understand the opportunity to serve a global market with an expanded e-commerce strategy and what it would take to execute. Combining our vast industry experience with relentless research, we analyzed available data to reveal the market potential for an uptick in US Open merchandise sales. Additionally, a range of opportunities to enhance the USTA’s e-commerce strategy were identified, including improving the online experience for shopping and returning products and collaborating with a third-party logistics provider to increase scale.


Another initiative Deloitte helped the USTA with was developing US Open–branded private-label merchandise. We examined how peers in the space approached their private-label strategies, products and product categories, and the capabilities required for "make versus buy" options. Our reach and industry insights identified products the USTA could produce at a high volume with a high margin and potential manufacturing partners, including considerations when selecting a manufacturer. Plus, we landed on specific revenue targets for when or if these tactics were implemented.

Going forward

With these insights and recommendations in hand, the USTA is better equipped than ever to navigate the path to creating sustainable e-commerce and private-label merchandise revenue streams—all while having the power to deepen its commitment to further investing in the game.

Deloitte and the USTA

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