Engineering future advantage for the US Open

The situation

As the entirety of the sports industry continues to transform and evolve, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) is working with Deloitte to not only stay ahead of the curve but also help shape it. Professional sports continue to experience seismic shifts in how they’re consumed and commercialized, with the sport of tennis alone having more than 23 million US tennis players.




As a trusted advisor, Deloitte brings the full breadth of its professional services to help the USTA engineer the future of tennis. Together, we’re reimagining core elements of the long-term US Open experience with an aim to further elevate the US Open brand and improve the experience for players, fans, sponsors, and more, all while growing and protecting revenue.

The solve

The work began by defining the future vision, mission, and purpose of the US Open, with continued growth and evolution as the ultimate goal. To define this future, Deloitte and the USTA explored the “art of the possible” and identified potential growth initiatives through stakeholder interviews, external research and benchmarks, and an industry trends assessment. These growth initiatives were then prioritized based on fan desirability, operational feasibility, and financial viability to inform the go-forward strategy.

Going forward

This engagement helped identify strategic growth initiatives for near-term focus and activation while building upon the 2022 US Open’s 20% year-over-year increase in global audience.1 As these initiatives move forward, we’re excited for the potential positive impact they can have for the US Open. Together with the USTA, Deloitte is helping engineer business advantage now and well into the future—all to innovate, promote, and grow the game of tennis.

1: Official 2022 US Open Tournament Review

Deloitte and the USTA

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