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­Deloitte’s 20th Impact Day

Impact Day is a celebration of Deloitte’s year-round commitment to local communities. Member firms around the world host Impact Day activities where Deloitte professionals spend the day volunteering.

Impact Day

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Take a deeper look: Impact Day

Deloitte’s annual day of service—Impact Day—is a longstanding tradition and a celebration of Deloitte’s year-round commitment to collectively making an impact that matters in our communities. It’s also one of the top reasons cited for why Deloitte was ranked No. 6 by Fortune and Great Place to Work on their 2018 list of the “50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back.”

On Impact Day, our professionals and leaders come together in 80 cities across the country to work on more than 1,000 projects for nearly 190,000 collective hours of service.

Together, we help tackle community and societal challenges on Impact Day—and year-round. Through these efforts, we focus on helping to strengthen our communities—whether it’s helping diverse, underserved groups reach their full potential or assisting community organizations—which in turn can help strengthen America’s future workforce and its economy.

Making an impact that matters is at the core of what we do at Deloitte. It’s what gets us up in the morning and drives us to work harder for our clients. Because by making an impact that matters, we can help change the world for the better.

Look again: Impact Day fast facts

June 9, 2017 was Deloitte’s 18th annual day of community service, called Impact Day.

In 2017:

  • More than 1,000 community service projects were locally coordinated and led by Deloitte US professionals based on the specific needs of more than 80 communities where Deloitte has US offices 
  • More than 24,000 Deloitte US professionals spent nearly 190,000 combined hours on Impact Day projects
  • Impact Day celebrates Deloitte’s year-round commitment to social impact
  • Deloitte’s community service on Impact Day—and throughout the year—helps many people, including underserved groups, reach their full potential, which in turn helps strengthen America’s future workforce and its economy
  • Impact Day is an example of how Deloitte is clearly differentiated:
    • Impact Day is “considered a best-in-class corporate day of service"1
    • It’s held at the start of Deloitte’s fiscal year because it’s a top priority
    • All Impact Day projects are created, led, and executed by Deloitte professionals

Many of our junior professionals get the chance to serve in leadership roles (leading and organizing Impact Day projects) that they may not have access to otherwise.

Not only are we doing good in our communities on that day, but we are also immersing our professionals in a way that may change their perspectives and thereby may strengthen the value they bring to their clients, each other, and the world.

How Deloitte makes an impact that matters—on Impact Day and every day

Beyond Impact Day, Deloitte’s year-round commitment to making an impact that matters in the communities where we live and work includes:

  • RightStep Impact Venture—contributing to help improve college readiness by positively impacting 500,000 students over the next 3 years by mobilizing 10,000 of our professionals as volunteers and investing Deloitte resources—both cash and pro bono services
  • Pro bono service—leveraging our greatest asset—the specialized skills and experiences of our people—to provide our services to nonprofits involved in helping to solve some of our nation’s most pressing societal problems. In 2018, Deloitte will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of its pro bono program
  • Skills-based volunteering—enabling Deloitte professionals to support local nonprofits by participating in projects that call for general or advanced business skills
  • Nonprofit board membership—Deloitte professionals demonstrating their commitment and lending their experience to the nonprofit community by serving as board members
  • Workplace Giving—providing opportunities for Deloitte professionals to donate to United Way and US-recognized charities they care about in communities across the country, raising more than $20M annually for the past decade
  • Deloitte Foundation—offering a variety of education programs at the high school and university levels, and providing opportunities for Deloitte professionals to support education through direct donations, doubling alma mater donations through Matching Gifts, and giving to the Deloitte Foundation RightStep Education Fund
  • Volunteer Councils and Social Impact Communities (SoComs)—led by Deloitte professionals who contribute their time to manage and develop volunteer projects across the US year-round
  • Strategic relationships with and donations to diverse nonprofit organizations around the country

1 According to Chris Jarvis, co-founder and CEO of Realized Worth and a leader in working with top global organizations on engaging employees in corporate citizenship efforts

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