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More than 20 years of making an impact that matters

Impact Day is June 5, 2020

Impact Day is Deloitte’s annual day of service that celebrates our year-round commitment to making an impact that matters. Each year on Impact Day, Deloitte professionals participate in more than 1,000 social impact projects across 80 US cities.

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Harnessing our collective power for impact. We believe the power of human connection can help foster a more productive, innovative, and inclusive society. By bringing together communities of people, clients, and nonprofits every year on Impact Day and year-round, we work to harness the collective power to help achieve lasting social impact for the greater good.

For more than 20 years, we have celebrated our year-round commitment to making an impact that matters with Impact Day, Deloitte’s annual day of service dedicated to igniting change in the communities across the US where we—and our clients—live and work. Impact Day provides opportunities to strengthen our communities, deepen relationships with each other, and broaden perspectives on pressing social issues.

Achieving lasting social impact for the greater good

June 7, 2019, was Deloitte’s 20th Impact Day, our annual day of community service.

  • Impact Day is Deloitte’s annual day of service that celebrates our year-round commitment to making an impact that matters
  • By harnessing the collective power of our people, clients, and nonprofits every year on Impact Day and year-round, we can develop innovative solutions around pressing social issues and help achieve lasting social impact—for the greater good
  • To celebrate Deloitte’s 20th Impact Day in 2019, more than 27,000 Deloitte professionals spent more than 200,000 collective hours on more than 1,000 Impact Day projects across 80 US cities
  • In the past, we collaborated with clients and nonprofits to help demonstrate the power of a shared community
    • Conducted speed mentoring and career development sessions for young adults, sharing career path stories, advice on networking, resume reviews, and interview preparation
    • Painted a public school playground to support learning and physical health for an urban public school
    • Led a coding program, sharing experiences about careers in business and technology with high school students
    • Collaborated to foster youth leadership development through sports and teaming activities
    • Teamed with an inner-city farming plot on its daily operations, which included helping provide nutrition to a neighborhood food desert

How Deloitte makes an impact that matters—on Impact Day and every day

Beyond Impact Day, Deloitte is committed to making an impact that matters in the communities where we live and work year-round.

  • RightStep—Deloitte’s commitment to mentor and help students to overcome the obstacles they face on their path to college readiness
  • Pro bono service—leveraging our greatest asset—the specialized skills and experiences of our people. Over the past 10 years, Deloitte leaders and professionals collectively devoted more than 750,000 hours of their time and talent in pro bono service to help nonprofits develop innovative solutions to address their most critical issues
  • Skills-based volunteering—Deloitte professionals support local nonprofits by participating in projects that call for general or advanced business skills
  • Nonprofit board service—Our professionals demonstrate personal and professional leadership and commitment to notable nonprofit organizations
  • Giving—Deloitte makes an impact through corporate donations, foundation, and workplace giving, including more than $20M contributed annually by our leaders and professionals over the past decade to United Way, Deloitte Foundation RightStep Education Fund, and US charities
  • Social impact innovation—Catalyzing progress on pressing social issues with innovative thought leadership and breakthrough approaches to public problem-solving developed by Monitor Institute by Deloitte
  • Deloitte Foundation—A nonprofit organization that supports science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and other education initiatives to help develop future talent. Nearly $16.6M has been donated to colleges and universities through the Deloitte Foundation matching gifts program in FY 2018
  • Volunteer Councils and Social Impact Communities—led by Deloitte professionals who contribute their time to manage and develop volunteer projects across the United States year-round

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