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Deloitte helps global pharmaceutical company enhance corporate development

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A global pharmaceutical company wanted to better position itself as an “acquirer of choice.” Doing so meant enhancing its business development organization to more efficiently and effectively analyze alliance and acquisition opportunities. Deloitte conducted a strategic analysis of their business development organization and processes and helped the company understand the leading practices of similarly positioned companies.

The challenge

Across the biopharma industry, patent expirations and reduced R&D efficiency has put pressure on revenue growth. Increasingly, companies have been looking to alliances and M&A to fill product portfolio gaps and drive future profits. Recognizing the “seller’s market” for attractive drug development platforms and product portfolios, our client sought a way to increase their competitiveness as a leading acquirer.

How we helped

Deloitte is a leading advisor on corporate development effectiveness, publishing the Corporate Development Survey annually since 2010. We were able to leverage proprietary benchmarking data to provide industry-specific perspectives on approval processes, typical timing between transaction milestones (e.g., NDA to LOI) and roles and responsibilities. In addition, Deloitte facilitated workshops with business development executives from Fortune 100 companies in intellectual property intensive industries. During these workshops, participants shared information about the business development process, timeframes, responsibilities, decision making and leading practices. This environment provided a dynamic dialogue, allowing the client to probe for deeper levels of insight on their top-of-mind issues.


Deloitte helped the client create a set of consistent deal evaluation materials, including a more efficient and more clearly-defined approval process. These materials helped eliminate process churn, significantly reduce the number of stage gates and facilitate timely and thoughtful analysis of licensing and acquisition opportunities.


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