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eDiscovery and the ISO 28500 standard

With the ever-growing prevalence of transactions, communications, and operations conducted solely on the web, it is important for the eDiscovery community to examine standards for web content collection and preservation. This article discusses the ISO 28500 Web ARChive (WARC) standard for web content collection and preservation and its evidentiary implications for electronic discovery.

Hard copy record management

Hard copy records continue to be a significant component of corporate information governance programs, particularly for global multinationals. This article demonstrates that historic challenges endemic to hard copy record maintenance—over-retention and non-defensible disposition  and the related financial and legal impacts—may have evolved to become more manageable.

We start by discussing the scenario that one records management group faced, the overarching methodology used to prioritize and organize the records inventory and then present how a technology-enabled process addressed the site-specific challenges cost-effectively. The ISO 28500 WARC file format is the internationally recognized standard for website preservation and therefore, a good starting place for ediscovery practitioners.

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