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Access to mentors and leaders drives community and growth for US Delivery Center professionals

July 26, 2023

Mentorship matters for professionals at many stages in their careers. Even for someone like Monica Gardner, a senior solutions consultant with Deloitte & Touche LLP, who had decades of experience before joining Deloitte.

“What surprised me the most with the US Delivery Center was seeing all the different cultures and backgrounds represented here, and the commitment from leaders to mentor people and help them prepare for the next level,” shared Monica.

Early in her Deloitte career, Monica participated in an event where she set up 15-minute, quick conversations with senior leaders in the US Delivery Center. One of those short chats turned into a mentoring relationship for the next three years. “Even if I don’t know which route I want to take, he gives me insight on what he did and guidance on what things I may want to try given my background and interests.”

Having a 25-year consulting career also hasn’t stopped Donna Cain, solutions manager with Deloitte Consulting LLP, from leaning on leaders. “I love how open the leaders are here,” she shared. “You can walk down the hall and bump into leaders who are willing to share their path and help you succeed in your career.”

Donna joined the US Delivery Center after 10 years of working in in another area of Deloitte’s consulting practice. During her second week in the office, she was sitting with her team when a group of leaders walked by. “I looked up and there was one of the leaders who actually hired me when I joined Deloitte,” Donna remembered. “She came running over to me and gave me a big hug. My team was shocked, saying things like, ‘You haven’t been here that long! How do you know that person?’”

Those types of relationships are fostered throughout the organization. “Those connections happen often because of the networking we can do in our work for clients or on proposals,” she said. “Our leaders are here onsite and it’s a great experience to be around them and learn from them.”

Leaders in the US Delivery Center focus on supporting professionals in their development and growth. “I went from someone who didn’t have a lot of prior leadership experience to over time gaining the skills to lead an engagement,” said Hasco Logan, a senior solutions specialist with Deloitte Consulting LLP. “I felt empowered to take on that role and not worry that I may not know everything and encouraged knowing you have a team and leaders who support you.”

“I’ve experienced things here that I hadn’t in other organizations,” said Monica. “You have camaraderie and a supportive team at the leadership level. You have leaders reaching out to you to introduce themselves and get to know you. It’s refreshing to know an organization this large can easily make you feel included.”

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