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Deloitte Certified Architect Program: Jeff Aryanto

An interview with a Deloitte Certified Chief Architect

March 25, 2021

Jeff Aryanto, a Deloitte Certified Chief Architect and Specialist Leader for Digital and Enterprise Architecture, Deloitte Consulting LLP, is based in Deloitte’s Dallas office. His areas of expertise include Modern Agile EA, Digital Commerce, Digital Customer, Content Management, Core Retail, Supply Chain, Distributed Order Management, Cloud, Analytics, and SOA/API Integration.  Jeff has led large-scale, complex projects with an emphasis on designing and building personalized, mission-critical applications that help enterprises interact with customers and constituents. He owns multiple patents and has presented at various national conferences.

Technology has evolved rapidly and as a result, one of the most important, foundational elements to ensuring we bring the most value for our clients is architecture.

Tell us about your architecture journey and how you became interested in architecture.

Prior to joining Deloitte, I had a similar architecture and consulting systems development role at other organizations. Before then, I started out doing product engineering at Silicon Valley companies.

My first true architecture experience was to design and develop a mission-critical system for a large transportation company, and while doing so I worked mainly on application architecture. Over the years I have developed expertise in other architecture domains such as data, security, infrastructure, and integration architectures. 

I am currently focusing on Digital Enterprise Architecture, a modern and agile version of Enterprise Architecture (EA). Digital EA weaves together key components of leading-edge Digital technologies and Industry-executable solutions with core EA tenets. Digital EA is holistic yet iterative and incremental and spans across both the enterprise and the ecosystem. Digital EA is driven and measured by business outcomes, evolves to survive, is pragmatic and realizable. Digital EA focuses on deploying minimum viable work products, bringing rapid value to our clients.

How has the Deloitte Certified Architect Program helped you in your career at Deloitte?

As a founding member of the Next Gen Architecture and the Deloitte Certified Architect Programs, I have seen this program elevate my architect experience. These programs have helped me create value for my clients and provides me with great opportunities to mentor colleagues. It has allowed me to progress my architecture career by enabling knowledge sharing and cross-pollination of skillsets and assets with my peers, and as a result, this improves my market reputation. With the eminence programs available exclusively to Deloitte Certified Architects, our architects are recognized as leaders with a reputation of excellence.

What makes Deloitte a destination for top architect talent?

Deloitte cares about its architects and provides channels and avenues for us to grow, including Deloitte’s variety of career paths and options for architects and technologists. The Next Gen Architecture and Deloitte Certified Architect Programs have regular events and activities to support our architects, such as our annual Next Gen Architecture Summit.

The November 2020 Summit included 78 sessions, an event for Deloitte families, and visitations from our key Ecosystem and Alliance partners like Google Cloud Platform and Snowflake, to name only a few.

What are you most excited for regarding the future of architecture and technology?

I see architecture playing a greater role in the future due to the proliferation of new technologies in the current digital era. Macro-level changes, such as the pandemic, and these three key business areas: speed, resiliency, and agility, are most exciting to me.

Resiliency of architecture and the systems it produces in the pandemic era are extremely crucial. For example, eCommerce solutions have popularized and expanded. With our clients, Deloitte architects have quickly created or increased the resilience of online presence, deploying order capture and automated order management capabilities which have resulted in alternative revenue streams and improved customer experiences.

As technology proliferation continues, Deloitte architects put technologies together in a holistic, integrated fashion. The future of architecture and technology at Deloitte is bright.

Now, more than ever, businesses are embracing change and looking to technology to enable their transformation. If you want to work with leading thinkers, tackle some of the biggest challenges, and have the most impact—you want to be here.

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