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Today, it is impossible to talk about tech without using the words Cloud, Digital, AI, Mixed Reality, or Blockchain. These are becoming the standards of modern technical solutions and critical components of our client’s technology needs. At the foundation of every technical solution is a strong architecture. Yet, only 10% of more than 2,000 CIOs, CTOs and tech leaders surveyed by Deloitte in October of 2019 indicated that their organizations have skilled architects in sufficient quantity. With so many young technologies being deployed at scale, the demanded skills of architects are key to designing a strong foundation.


Architects understand that technology, business, and experience combine to influence a successful design.

Meet Deloitte’s Next Gen Architecture Program

The Next Gen Architecture (NGA) Program was chartered to shape solutions and reference architectures for emerging technologies, provide advanced architecture guidance to support project delivery, and advance recruiting, retention and growth of architect talent.

Cultivating culture and community

Part of our mission is to establish a strong identity and community for technology architects who reside across the firm. Technology architects have depth and breadth of architecture skills and have a strong sense of curiosity for how things work and why they work. All Deloitte employees with an interest in architecture are invited to join and engage in this community, which encourages knowledge sharing, mentorship, and innovation.

Next Gen Architecture provides access to a community of like-minded individuals and the opportunity to make a difference.

—Next Gen Architecture Program member

Getting certified through the Deloitte Certified Architect Program

Next Gen Architecture members can also get certified through the Deloitte Certified Architect (DCA) Program, which identifies, designates, and classifies architects based on a rigorous evaluation process to assess knowledge and skillset. Getting certified as a Deloitte Certified Architect provides recognition and credibility as an architect, access to unique staffing and development opportunities, and exposure to leadership and strategic alliances. Aspiring or junior architects can also join the Apprentice Architect Program to develop architecture skills through mentorship and learning and development opportunities.

The purpose of the Deloitte Certified Architect Program is to create recognition for aspiring architects/specialists and promote deep technical skills within Deloitte.

—Vishveshwara Vasa, Next Gen Architecture Program Executive Sponsor

Vision for the future

As we continue to deliver large, complex and innovative solutions to our clients, the Next Gen Architecture Program is focused on scaling mastery and bringing top architecture talent and standards to the table to support Deloitte’s commitment to create the #1 talent experience for technology architects.

As technology continues to evolve at such a rapid pace, our architect talent will be at the forefront of leading and shaping transformation for our clients.


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