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Empowering our people with hands-on experience in emerging technologies

In today’s fast-paced environment, technology is no longer simply a business enabler. It drives strategy. Knowing how to harness emerging technologies to bring innovative solutions to the world’s biggest enterprises and organizations is central to work at Deloitte. That’s why we created a powerful initiative to help keep our professionals on top of the changing technological landscape: Deloitte’s Technology Guild Program.

What are the guilds?

Modeled after guilds from medieval times, the Technology Guild Program is made up of focused guilds, or communities, who spend time learning and working with technologies that are shaping new business models. The guilds are hands-on and action-oriented, fostering collaboration, ideation, experimentation, and the development of prototypes. They are an effective way to hone your technology skills and prepare you to contribute ideas and expertise to projects for some of the world’s leading organizations. 

The guilds encourage professionals to “leave their level at the door.” Some of our most accomplished guild members are analysts and consultants. 



The guild program represents a chance for people to broaden what they already know and do and to follow their passions. We are seeing that our people want to learn more about emerging technologies and how they can use it to shape their client strategy.

—Bill Briggs, Global Chief Technology Officer, Deloitte LLP

How will the guild aid your career?

As a guild member you will be able to:

  • Explore emerging technology areas of interest (e.g., blockchain, cloud native development, machine learning) 
  • Participate in hands-on learning activities, including hackathons, competitions, meetups, and demos
  • Build your network through collaboration 
  • Gain exposure to leadership in your domain  of interest
  • Learn and practice in a cohort-based environment under the auspices of an advanced mentor
  • Make a difference through Deloitte’s Guild for Good pro bono initiatives

The guild provides me a great platform to experiment and learn in a friendly environment, have fun with friends as a team, and surf in the ocean of real-world technology challenges. The guild cultivates a culture of innovation in me and I am very thankful to Deloitte for providing such a platform for individual skill enhancement and inspiring a data-driven culture.

—Guild member

How you can make an impact

Guild members get directly involved in projects by developing prototypes or proofs of concept that address specific domain-related issues. 

Although there is often a steep learning curve associated with emerging technologies like blockchain and machine learning, the guild is aiming to remove that barrier by connecting people at all stages, so they can learn from each other.

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I joined Deloitte as a campus hire and I was introduced to the guild by one of my teammates. I was always fascinated by the idea of using technology to solve complex problems. I’ve gotten to meet an exciting community and an opportunity to learn a lot from them.

—Guild member

Our guilds

Now, more than ever, businesses are embracing change and looking to technology to enable their transformation. If you want to work with leading thinkers, tackle some of the biggest challenges, and have the most impact—you want to be here.
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