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Apprentice Architect Program: Jenny Sze

An interview with an Apprentice Architect

April 15, 2021

Jenny Sze is a business technology analyst for Deloitte Consulting LLP from Deloitte’s New York City office. At Deloitte, Jenny has supported various digital transformation projects in product and project management roles. Her work includes launching high-impact web and app experiences, and improving business processes for enterprise pricing and quoting systems. She has consulted in multiple industries, including retail and industrial products.

What led you to join the Apprentice Architect Program?

I was given a unique opportunity to join Deloitte’s Digital Studio in Chicago as a junior engagement manager after earning a master’s from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. In this project management role, I worked with multidisciplinary teams of visual designers and engineers to design apps for clients, bolstering their digital growth. I became interested in technical aspects of clients’ application requirements and realized that learning about architecture could compliment my project management skills. The Apprentice Architect Program, which is a training program within the Next Gen Architecture Program, could provide just that through its mentorship and hands-on learning and development opportunities.

How has the Apprentice Architect Program helped you in your career at Deloitte?

The Apprentice Architecture Program provided me with a hands-on learning experience to expand my technical skills and helped me grow as an analyst. My program cohort and I participated in a series of training courses and received formalized mentorship from experienced technical architects, which helped me come up with my own end-to-end capstone architecture project. My mentor introduced me to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and took the time to explain their broad set of products and architectural best practices. I appreciated my mentor’s time and commitment to helping me grow as an architect and enjoyed having regular touchpoints with my program cohort to discuss our capstone projects and the concepts we were learning together.

Describe your capstone project.

Living in New York City and as a residential consumer, I realized that package deliveries were very inefficient, especially around late-night logistics. Some inefficiencies include the customer not being available during time of delivery, the building’s management office being closed, and the deliverer not having elevator access to go to the mail room. My project was to build a solution to enable secure, wireless delivery verification at the building door using a wall-mounted receiver.

What makes Deloitte a destination for top architect talent?

I distinctly recall being told that “Deloitte is a people organization” when I began my career here and my amazing network within the Apprentice Architect Program can attest to that. My mentor, cohort of fellow aspiring architects, program administrators, and the entire Next Gen Architecture community are just a part of Deloitte’s biggest asset: the people of our organization and our apprenticeship culture.


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