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Women in supply chain: Elizabeth Beck

Bringing authenticity to work

August 9, 2023

Elizabeth Beck, senior manager with Deloitte Consulting LLP and leader in Deloitte’s Supply Chain & Network Operations (SCNO) practice, supports clients and leads teams across the MedTech space through digital transformations. As a trailblazer in Deloitte’s Life Sciences practice, she was also recently named the SCNO DEI Chief of Staff, a role that she is excited to step in to give back in much the same way that she has been helped in her career.

What is it like being a female leader in a male-dominated industry, where gender biases and culturally engrained stereotypes exist even amongst the most enlightened individuals? Here Elizabeth explains some encounters with gender biases, and how ultimately bringing her authentic, high-energy self to work has led to her success both professionally as well as in her personal life as a mother of two.

Bringing authenticity to work

Elizabeth attended the University of Michigan as a mechanical engineering major where the program was made up of only 12% women at the time. In her previous jobs before Deloitte, she had no female managers within the chain of command except for much higher board members.

“In college, I knew that I had chosen a traditionally male-dominated path. However, it was not until I was in the workforce where I had my first eye-opening experience. As a junior engineer at a previous employer, I was told by my male manager that, as a woman, my natural high-energy could strike others as youthful naivety, and that I should adopt a calmer demeanor if I were to be taken seriously. I noticed that the same message was not being delivered to my high-energy male counterparts. I initially tried to comply, however, I quickly realized that in doing so I was being put in the backseat in meetings and I felt that I was having my voice taken away. Calm and low energy was not helping me advance my career, but moreover, I was pretending to be somebody I was not—and I’m not a great actor. I was thankfully able to switch to a new manager, and with a fresh start vowed to be my authentic, high-energy self. In doing so, two things have consistently happened: 1) I am not wasting energy trying to act, but rather my energy is focused on the task at hand 2) by keeping my energy level high, I am better able to engage the attention of people in the room.”

Today, Elizabeth comes to Deloitte each day as her authentic self—a high-energy woman with the technical knowledge and experience crucial to Deloitte’s success. She credits this authenticity to her successes in becoming the spirted, respected leader at Deloitte that she is today.

Helping other women

Looking holistically at the industry, women accounted for only 21% of executive-level roles in supply chain in 2022 . Normal work interactions aren’t enough to connect with many other women within a male-dominated industry. Thus, Elizabeth is also a member of the SCNO Women’s Initiative, a community for women in supply chain at Deloitte to connect with other peers & leaders who are women. Through this group, members can share experiences, tactics, and resources to succeed, while also supporting and rooting for each other’s success. Elizabeth would like to invite all women reading this to seek out any relevant women’s groups in their areas.

Managing motherhood in consulting

While managing her teams and delivering value for her clients, Elizabeth is also a mother to two daughters. When she first considered joining Deloitte four years ago, Elizabeth was nervous about trying to balance her career and family, as her daughters were two and four at the time. In working with her leaders and project teams, she was able to establish boundaries for travel and working hours that have allowed her to maintain a reasonable work-life balance.

Elizabeth notes that it has been invaluable to have leaders to look up to that “walk the walk” and support their teams’ well-being. She appreciates all the leaders throughout her time at Deloitte that have supported her as both a supply chain leader and a mother.

Crafting her journey

Elizabeth’s experience is a testament that bringing your authentic self to work and leaning on others for support are important factors for career success. Whether it is bringing her vast med-tech supply chain knowledge to her clients or her authentic, high-energy personality, Elizabeth is an inspiring leader that exemplifies Deloitte’s purpose—to make an impact that matters.

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