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Unleashing the power of diversity

At Deloitte, we believe that fostering an inclusive culture unleashes the power of our diversity, and that being a leader—by definition—means being an inclusive leader. We are proud of our history, and share our discoveries with the marketplace and our clients.

Inclusion is Deloitte

Deloitte career journeys

Get an inside look at the rich diversity of background, education, and experiences of our people.

Ingrid Gonzalez, manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

"What I like most about Deloitte is the spirit of collaboration, the certainty that you can reach out to a colleague and get a response back knowing that they are going to do their best to help out. I really enjoyed establishing my network because I like working in teams."

Pierre Yapo, senior consultant, Deloitte Tax LLP

"On my first day I was completely nervous. I think the organization really showed me how to be myself. That you are genuine and you don't take yourself too seriously, that is respected here."

Sylvia Taylor, senior consultant, Deloitte & Touche LLP

"When you're 22, fresh out of college, and exposed to real-world clients for the first time, it's tough because you don't have that life experience yet. When I came back to Deloitte, I had that experience, and it helped me adapt again to the professional world."


Inclusion accolades

Organizations outside Deloitte have consistently recognized us for our inclusive culture and diverse workforce.

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Inclusion is who we are

Each of us has something unique to contribute to Deloitte’s success. Everyone has a role to play and every act counts. To us, leadership is inclusiveness—it’s how we tap into the power of our diversity. We are fostering an inclusive culture where all of our people feel valued for who they are, feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work, and feel empowered to reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives.

Deb DeHaas, chief inclusion officer, Deloitte

Inclusion supports our clients

The talent landscape has transformed. It demands a values-centered approach, unleashing human potential and driving business results. Our model leverages a values-centered approach, offering strategic guidance across six activators—all at the intersection of values and inclusion.

Deloitte offers strategic guidance to its clients at any stage of their inclusion journeys by utilizing a robust set of consulting services.

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