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Honoring and supporting our veterans

November 10, 2023

As we welcome the fall season and prepare for the upcoming holiday festivities, we stand on the threshold of a remarkable day—Veterans Day. This is a day we set aside to pay our heartfelt respects and gratitude to the courageous men and women, some of whom I have had the privilege of serving alongside, and who continue to serve our great nation....continue reading


October 25, 2023

Tara Buffi is a National DEI Senior Recruiting Specialist for Deloitte Services LP, who leads Deloitte’s Neurodiversity@Deloitte program and People with Disabilities Recruiting efforts.

Tara is passionate about expanding People with Disabilities (PwD) recruiting efforts as part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy at Deloitte. This includes growing Neurodiversity@Deloitte—a strategic initiative that aims to attract and hire neurodiverse candidates to a variety of positions that leverage their strengths and help to increase productivity, creativity, and innovation among teams....continue reading

Childhood of numbers to a career full of connections

September 13, 2023

On most days, you’ll find me working remotely in a converted schoolhouse in Kansas—with a working gymnasium, an old home economics room that serves as a kitchen, and bedrooms that were once classrooms. My name is David Martinez, and I am a systems analyst within the Risk & Financial Advisory Government & Public Services (GPS) practice of Deloitte & Touche LLP....continue reading

HBCU Week 2023

August 21, 2023

Whether you are just starting a career or you are looking to take your career to the next level, Deloitte has many opportunities to help you accelerate your career and make an impact. Learn about the journeys of some of our Deloitte professionals who attended HBCUs....continue reading

Internship insights: Meet Yesmene Chikha

August 16, 2023

Yesmene Chikha is a former Data & Analytics intern for Deloitte Services LP. She shares what she enjoyed most about her internship and what’s next for her on her educational and professional journey....continue reading

Women in supply chain: Elizabeth Beck

August 9, 2023

Elizabeth Beck, senior manager with Deloitte Consulting LLP and leader in Deloitte’s Supply Chain & Network Operations (SCNO) practice, supports clients and leads teams across the MedTech space through digital transformations. As a trailblazer in Deloitte’s Life Sciences practice, she was also recently named the SCNO DEI Chief of Staff, a role that she is excited to step in to give back in much the same way that she has been helped in her career....continue reading

Meet the US Delivery Center team: Salwa Ebrahim

August 2, 2023

When Salwa Ebrahim, an Audit & Assurance in-charge with Deloitte & Touche LLP, graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in auditing, but wasn’t sure what role would be the right fit for her....continue reading

Meet the US Delivery Center team: Jon Williams

June 28, 2023

On Jon’s first day at Deloitte, he put on his best suit and tie and walked into his first onboarding session. “I thought, this is Deloitte. I’m going in there very professionally, and I’m going to be ready,” Jon remembered....continue reading 

Transitioning to your first career

June 14, 2023

Keivyn Reyes knows what it’s like to be out of his comfort zone. As a first-generation student turned first-generation professional, he’s had to rely on mentors to support him during some of life’s biggest milestones....continue reading

The HBCU experience and journey to Deloitte

February 22, 2023

Clarencia Taylor joined Deloitte in 2015 and is an Audit & Assurance manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP. She is also a proud alumnus of Prairie View A&M University. Below, she shares more about her journey to Deloitte....continue reading

Waving the flag for diversity

January 31, 2023

"I love how diverse Deloitte is." That’s Joey Tackett, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP, in Houston, who may run the most diverse team in the organization: 25 people from 12 countries....continue reading

Reflections on being a Veteran

November 11, 2022

As fall begins to drift slowly into winter, we find ourselves once again celebrating Veterans Day. Veterans Day is built from a long history of national recognition of those citizens who took a path intended to defend the freedoms afforded by our constitution and the communities we call home, that when woven together make up this amazing nation....continue reading

Paving a way forward

October 27, 2022

For Charlie Gentzkow, a Risk & Financial Advisory analyst at Deloitte & Touche LLP, life has never been simple. “I was born with a rare retina disease called Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA). It caused severe vision loss which left me blind from birth. And while there is no cure, I’ve never let it get me down. I just think, ‘Well, it is what it is. I can’t change it so why dwell on it?’”...continue reading

Celebrating Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month with PJ Rivera

October 6, 2022

In celebration of Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, we sat down with Aurelio “PJ” Rivera—Principal in Deloitte Consulting's Government & Public Services practice, and National Hispanic / Latinx Consulting leader—to learn more about his career journey and lessons he has learned along the way....continue reading

Recognizing Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May 26, 2022

This year’s recognition of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month has heightened importance for both our country and Deloitte community. In the past year, we have witnessed many crimes that have impacted Asian Americans across the United States....continue reading 

Deloitte’s collaboration with Hiring Our Heroes

November 11, 2021

Deloitte’s work with the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program (CFP) provides transitioning service members with professional training and hands-on experience in the civilian workforce, and they have the opportunity to be hired full-time at Deloitte upon the completion of their fellowship....continue reading

I used to fly in business class, now I'm crawling in the grass

November 9, 2021

May 9, 2019 was a Thursday. An unremarkable workday.However, May 9 wasn't just another Thursday. It was on that day that I knowingly put my signature on documents that would throw me into a world I knew almost nothing about and change my life in ways I had yet to fully understand....continue reading

A far-reaching impact

October 28, 2021

As the president of the Business and Information Technology Society at his university, Kunmi Akingbade had an opportunity to establish relationships with leaders from the Deloitte recruiting team which provided visibility into the kind of work Deloitte does within the field of cyber security....continue reading 


Over the past few years, Deloitte has focused on expanding our recruitment of candidates with disabilities. Deloitte’s Autism@Work program aims to attract and hire candidates into a variety of positions where they can leverage their strengths in supporting the work that we do. Ian Devilbiss and Christopher Kolos are Solution Delivery Analysts for Deloitte Consulting LLP at Deloitte’s US Delivery Center, who joined the Autsim@Work program....continue reading 

Who we are: Melissa Dale

June 13, 2019

Melissa Dale, manager, Business Program Management, Deloitte Services LP, knew that she wanted to get involved in Deloitte's LGBTQ initiatives when she first started with Deloitte. "I had so many colleagues at my previous organization that were LGBTQ and felt like they had to 'cover'," she said....continue reading

A story of resilience

May 23, 2019

Strategy and operations consultant Ryan Walters joined Deloitte Consulting LLP in early 2017 as an experienced professional with several years under his belt in multiple roles. Although his knowledge and wisdom have brought a lot to the table, it's not just his professional experience that stands out....continue reading

Who we are: Andres Hernandez

April 25, 2019

When Andres Hernandez, senior consultant, Deloitte & Touche LLP, first came to Deloitte, he began researching how he could get involved in inclusion. “I looked on our internal networking sites to see who was involved in both LGBTQ issues and veterans’ issues,” Andres says. Andres served in the military as a reservist during the era of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”. He had not been active in the LGBTQ community at work while he was serving in the army, but when he joined Deloitte, he was excited to get involved....continue reading

Deloitte Consulting Inclusion Program 2019

April 18, 2019

Under the theme, The Greatest Time to Matter, the Deloitte Consulting Inclusion Program (DCIP) officially kicked off its three-day conference on January 4 at Deloitte University in Westlake, Texas. This year 48 underrepresented minority MBA students from across the country attended the conference and walked away with valuable insights into the world of consulting at Deloitte....continue reading

Determination and drive

April 11, 2019

Margot Keale began her career at Deloitte in January 2017, shortly after she graduated from Georgetown University with a bachelor’s in healthcare management and policy. Fast forward two years, Margot is now a strategy and analytics consultant for Deloitte Consulting LLP. Despite Margot’s success, she has had to overcome many obstacles. In 2010 Margot was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that left her paralyzed....continue reading 

Tapping into neurodiversity

April 1, 2019

Autism is a developmental condition that is often characterized by difficulties with social interaction, communication, and hypersensitivity. People living with autism are a part of a larger group of individuals with disabilities that often find it difficult to find employment. Recognizing this untapped talent pool has led Deloitte to collaborate with Specialisterne Foundation to join the Autism@Work movement....continue reading

Celebrating Black History Month

February 28, 2019

At Deloitte, celebrating Black History Month is an important part of honoring African Americans at Deloitte. It also underscores Deloitte’s mission to foster an inclusive and diverse workforce. However, these celebrations and conversations aren’t just limited to events and programs scheduled for February. It’s a holistic, ongoing approach to ensure that everyone at Deloitte has an opportunity to connect, belong, and grow. Inclusion is who we are and we provide a variety of resources to connect and support all of our professionals....continue reading 

Who we are: Joe Guintu

October 31, 2018

In 2007, Joe Guintu, senior manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP, went surfing. “Seven hours later I couldn’t walk,” he said. Joe had started with Deloitte right out of college. He enjoyed travelling, collaborating with his colleagues, and learning from leadership. But now, everything had changed. Joe had suffered a spinal stroke, which paralyzed him permanently. He was hospitalized for months and went through extensive rehab. His colleagues put together a care package and visited him in the hospital. “It meant a lot,” he said. “Everyone was very helpful.”...continue reading

Candid Conversations: Patrick McElrath

October 22, 2018

To his colleagues at Deloitte, Patrick McElrath is known simply as Mac. But many may not know that he adopted the moniker from his days serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Mac served two years as an Army Ranger before a devastating combat injury left him permanently paralyzed from the waist down....continue reading

Event spotlight: PowerToFly networking event

September 13, 2018

In collaboration with PowerToFly, Deloitte Services LP’s Information Technology Services (ITS) organization recently hosted a professional networking event highlighting Deloitte’s commitment to supporting women in technology. PowerToFly strives to elevate the careers of women in technology through webinars, events, mentoring, and connecting them to opportunities with organizations like Deloitte....continue reading

#DeloittePride, #DeloitteProud

July 19, 2018

On June 24th, Deloitte had over 160 professionals, friends, and family take part in Chicago’s 49th annual Pride Parade, an event that draws over 1,000,000 spectators in support of equality of and in celebration of the LGBTQ community....continue reading

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