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Childhood of numbers to a career full of connections

David Martinez shares his story

September 13, 2023

On most days, you’ll find me working remotely in a converted schoolhouse in Kansas—with a working gymnasium, an old home economics room that serves as a kitchen, and bedrooms that were once classrooms. My name is David Martinez, and I am a systems analyst within the Risk & Financial Advisory Government & Public Services (GPS) practice of Deloitte & Touche LLP.

I am usually conducting data analysis while listening to classic electronica or heavy metal on high volume. It helps me concentrate. For fun, I spent my childhood memorizing the first 100 digits of pi and multiplying nine-digit numbers by nine-digit numbers. This may have been my first clue that I’d have an exciting future in my chosen career at Deloitte.

As a US Marine Corps veteran, I was recruited to Deloitte through a veteran employment organization. In my year-and-a-half tenure with Deloitte, I feel like I’ve already made a meaningful impact and am grateful that my passions are met with opportunity. I am the team lead for the US Delivery Center (USDC) Latinx diversity, equity, and inclusion recruiting and retention team, where I’ve hosted two multiracial panel discussions. I am neurodivergent and identify as autistic. I was recently named the leader of USDC Advisory’s People with Disabilities and Allies Community and I have helped implement significant changes to the Risk & Financial Advisory bootcamp to help make the format more accessible to all, including other neurodivergent professionals.

I make Deloitte work for me through enabling captions on video conferences, and taking training videos. I am also a big supporter of mentoring and mentorship. My biggest support has been having someone to turn to when I need assistance or have questions. This has been my first time in this type of organization and knowing there are people there for me has been very much appreciated.

And I am also not afraid to reach out to foster those important human relationships. When I attend a webinar or panel discussion and I find someone who has shared something that interests me, I contact them, regardless of level. I have several new colleagues and leadership connections now.

My advice for other neurodivergent professionals is to advocate for yourself. You are the best person to say what works best for you, what communication styles you prefer, or if there are other accommodations you may need. If you don’t ask for it, management may not know you need it. Sometimes, speaking up for a need brings change for many others besides yourself.

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