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We are committed to training high-performing neurodivergent talent

In collaboration with the Specialisterne USA, Deloitte is pleased to be a part of the Neurodiversity@Work movement.

About Neurodiversity@Deloitte

Neurodiversity@Deloitte is a strategic initiative that aims to attract, host (12-week virtual paid apprenticeship, the successful completion of which may lead to an opportunity for full-time employment) and hire candidates from an untapped talent pool into a variety of positions that provide opportunities to leverage their individual strengths. The initiative furthers Deloitte’s overall DEI recruitment strategy to attract, engage, and hire high performing talent from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Our Mission: To increase accessibility to Deloitte career opportunities, through a program intended to support neurodiverse candidates.

Our approach includes:

1. Program Delivery: The program provides the apprentice with 12 weeks of hands-on experience, client project work, and a slew of networking opportunities all to enhance their professional growth

2. Buddy/Mentor Program: The N@D buddy/mentor program is to go beyond the mentee’s personal and professional development, positively supporting them to be their authentic selves at work.

3. Neurodiversity training: Training sessions for hiring teams and colleagues to enhance understanding of neurodiversity and highlight the opportunities and benefits of recruiting within this talented population, who think and communicate differently and challenge us all to re-think abilities.

How to apply

To apply and for more information on Specialisterne recruitment process visit
their website.

Please reach out to Tara Buffi for any questions.

Meet Ian and Christopher

When asked about their experience as participants of the program, Ian Devilbiss and Christopher Kolos felt that they were able to bring their strengths to their job every day and are continuing to learn new skills and systems. “My biggest strengths are being able to present in front of a large crowd and my ability to lead a team,” said Ian, while Christopher is “able to analyze systems, see how it works and how to leverage [the information] to fill the organization’s objectives.” 

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As individuals, we all have passion, power, and purpose within us. These help drive our talents, ideas, and abilities. Shining a light on these skills will bring a unique perspective to the work you do and the impact you make at Deloitte.

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