Life at Deloitte

Transitioning to your first career

A first-generation professional shares his experience

June 14, 2023

Keivyn Reyes knows what it’s like to be out of his comfort zone. As a first-generation student turned first-generation professional, he’s had to rely on mentors to support him during some of life’s biggest milestones. “Deloitte helped me transition to my full-time career by providing me a mentor,” Keivyn shared. “Right off the bat, I was provided a mentor who guided me beyond the four walls of our conference rooms. And as I progressed, I cultivated relationships with a lot of professionals who were there to guide me as well.”

First-generation professionals are often talked about, but at Deloitte, we really cultivate that and I’ve seen it first hand with the mentorship I’ve received. 

He has also found a way to give back to others with similar life experiences—through an unexpected way. During a client meeting, Keivyn connected with one of the clients over where they grew up and their educational experiences. “Coincidentally, when I was in high school, I was part of a local non-profit program that helped me with college prep work,” he said. “That client was actually serving on the board of directors for that non-profit. She was so proud that the group had empowered me to go to college and to see how I was helping her now as a client working for Deloitte.”

She also invited Keivyn to share his story with high school students during the group’s events, bringing him full circle, from student to professional to mentor.
Another way Keivyn has found his voice as a first-generation professional is through specific events hosted by Deloitte. Through an event called Unpacking Our Inheritance, Keivyn learned the value of sharing his culture, customs, and country in a professional environment.

“There were 150 other Deloitte professionals on the call and one of the biggest things I learned was to be proud of your name. Keivyn is a little bit different, but through the session I was really able to unpack my inheritance around my name.”

Keivyn appreciates opportunities like these and is humbled by the support he’s received at Deloitte. “I come from a middle-class family who didn’t have professional experience,” he shared. “Many of my peers had to drop out of college or even high school. They didn’t have this kind of opportunity, exposure, or mentors to really showcase what is possible.”

Keivyn’s best day at work? When he’s able to give back and help others. “On his last day, an intern came to me and was so excited and proud of how much he had learned from me and my colleagues. He shared the impact I had on him in just six weeks and how he was excited to come back to Deloitte.” Keivyn’s leaders also noticed and took the time to thank him for giving the intern his time and attention when the project was really busy.

“People were there to really help and empower me. Now as a professional, I was able to help another person who was in my similar shoes just a couple of years ago and make a difference in their life,” he said. “Having the opportunity to make an impact on somebody was very special.”

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