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Meet the US Delivery Center team: Jon Williams

Military veteran and consulting team leader

June 28, 2023

On Jon’s first day at Deloitte, he put on his best suit and tie and walked into his first onboarding session. “I thought, this is Deloitte. I’m going in there very professionally, and I’m going to be ready,” Jon remembered. A few weeks later Jon was chatting with a leader at his desk. “He said, ‘Love the suit, but you don’t need to be fully decked out in a suit and tie here.’” Jon laughed and knew at that moment he found a place where he could belong.

Jon retired from the United States Air Force with 22 years of military service. When he transitioned to civilian life, he struggled to find opportunities. Jon participated in a “boots to suit” program for transitioning veterans where he obtained his SAP certifications, which changed everything.

“After I graduated from that program, I was hired by another organization,” he said. “But a friend of mine came to Deloitte, and she encouraged me to apply.” With multiple SAP certifications, Jon joined the US Delivery Center to help build workforce management solutions for clients.

Jon, a senior solutions consultant with Deloitte Consulting LLP, never thought he would end up in the consulting field, but Deloitte has helped him thrive in his role and as a leader on his team. And his military background plays a part in what he brings to work every day.

“In the military, you have to be really flexible and adaptable. You’re on the move all the time,” he said. “You learn how to adapt and overcome, knowing that everything will get done. That’s what we do here, too.”

Four years into his Deloitte career, Jon loves the collaborative environment. “You get to collaborate with professionals from different fields and everyone is always there to help you out. I would have never expected to be where I am now, but it’s all because of my peers and my leadership. It’s been a really fun journey.”

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