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Celebrating Pride Month 2024

Deloitte leaders championing authenticity and inclusivity

June 24, 2024

Each June, in celebration of Pride Month, we honor and reflect on the history, contributions, and vast richness of the LGBTQIA+ community that exists within and outside of our organization— it’s an opportunity to celebrate identity, build community, and practice allyship.

This month, we are spotlighting eight leaders at Deloitte who are active members of Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community, which is committed to enhancing the experience of LGBTQIA+ Deloitte professionals by celebrating their rich identities, fostering a sense of belonging, and engaging allies. Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community’s vision is to advance Deloitte’s position as the professional services organization of choice for LGBTQIA+ professionals by fostering a culture where all can bring their full, authentic, and intersectional selves to work.

These individuals are not only catalysts for inclusivity within Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community, but also within their professional domains. By championing authenticity daily through their leadership, they help cultivate environments where voices are heard, identities respected, and individuals can feel empowered to thrive as their most authentic selves—nurturing a culture where inclusion is the norm and authenticity is celebrated.

Read about how they all bring their identity and full authentic selves to the workplace, the ways in which the LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community has shaped their experience at Deloitte, and what Pride Month means to them.

Doug Beaudoin (he/him), managing principal, chief clients & markets office, Deloitte Services LP

How Doug brings his identity and full authentic self to the workplace: 
Being open about my identity as a gay man in a leadership role has not only empowered me to bring my full, authentic self to work every day, but it also can signal to others that Deloitte is a place where diversity and authenticity is celebrated. By "coming out" in various professional settings, I hope to serve as a role model, encouraging others to feel supported in sharing their own stories. I hope this transparency fosters the inclusive culture that enhances our collaboration and propels Deloitte toward greater growth and innovation.

How Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community has shaped Doug’s experience at Deloitte:
The LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community has provided a network of support that I will be forever grateful for. It has shown me the power of community and given me a sense of solidarity in creating a workplace where everyone can thrive. Being actively involved enhances my sense of belonging while also allowing me to help amplify our collective voice.

What Pride Month means to Doug and his favorite way to celebrate:
I love that Pride Month is an incredible, vibrant celebration of who we are, but I also see it as a poignant reminder of the continuous work needed to foster inclusive communities and workplaces. Marching in the Boston Pride Parade and spending time in Provincetown with my husband and kids are some of my favorite ways to mark the occasion. Stop and say hello if you see me in Boston or at the Cape!

Kimberly Myers (she/her), principal, Government & Public Services, Deloitte Consulting LLP

How Kimberly brings her identity and full authentic self to the workplace: 
Recognizing that the fullness of my identities is a positive— to my teams, clients, and Deloitte—is a motivator for me to show up authentically every day! Each time I have an honest and authentic conversation with a client or colleague—a conversation that I feel I’m uniquely positioned to have—I feel and know the value of being fully me.

How Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community has shaped Kimberly’s experience at Deloitte:
As I embraced all aspects of my identity, finding communities with shared experiences and values was one of the most important things I did for myself. That included finding places at work that inspired and supported me. The LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community provided me with both a source of professional and personal friendships and opportunities to engage and support our community in meaningful ways.

What Pride Month means to Kimberly and her favorite way to celebrate:
I love both honoring and celebrating all that Pride Month brings. I intentionally use it as an opportunity to educate myself about all the amazing leaders and activists who came before me. And the last several years, I’ve particularly enjoyed supporting my church as it marched in the DC Pride Parade!

PJ Rivera (he/him), principal, Government & Public Services, Deloitte Consulting LLP

How PJ brings his identity and full authentic self to the workplace:
I’m unapologetically Latino, gay, me. It’s been a journey of discovery and acceptance. Moreover, I’ve also realized that when I show up authentically and share who I am, it can be welcoming for others to do the same. A leader at Deloitte shared this lesson with me as a senior consultant, and I feel it helped me grow into the leader I am today—here in service of others.

How Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community has shaped PJ’s experience at Deloitte:
When I started my career at Deloitte in my mid-20s, I didn’t talk about or celebrate being Latino or gay. In fact, I actively avoided any conversations about my personal life during my first years at Deloitte. After years of being bullied in school, I coped by throwing myself in my schoolwork and eventually my job, at the expense of work-life balance and self-care. However, early on, my mentors at Deloitte and our LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community made me feel comfortable to own my differences, take pride in who I am, and more importantly, give back to the diverse communities I represent.

What Pride Month means to PJ and his favorite way to celebrate: 
Pride Month is a time of reflection, community, friendship, and self-discovery! And my favorite way to tradition is to attend the local parades in DC and NYC! It’s a great way to connect with my community, share stories, and CELEBRATE!

Lauren Tramonte (she/her), managing director, Audit & Assurance, Deloitte & Touche LLP

How Lauren brings her identity and full authentic self to the workplace:
It’s empowering to me when I remind myself of the importance of bringing my full, authentic self to work. Not just because of the mental load that weighs on me when I cover, but also because it inhibits my ability to create authentic, meaningful relationships with others.

How Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community has shaped Lauren’s experience at Deloitte:
There is a comfort in having a shared experience with others and that has given me a greater sense of belonging at Deloitte. I feel that the mentorship that I have received from senior members of the LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community within Deloitte has made me a stronger leader and afforded me the opportunity to build relationships with other LGBTQIA+ professionals within Deloitte as well as within other companies.

What Pride Month means to Lauren and her favorite way to celebrate: 
During Pride Month I reflect on the trailblazers that came before me and fought for change. My family and I spend the month attending our local town pride fest where we get to connect with other members of our community and allies.

Kevin Lewis (he/him), managing director, Government & Public Services, Deloitte Consulting LLP

How Kevin brings his identity and full authentic self to the workplace:
Being my authentic self at work can allow others to be comfortable with sharing who they are. I have found that clients who see my authentic self are more open to sharing their stories, and we connect on a different level, not just about work.

How Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community has shaped Kevin’s experience at Deloitte:
This community has given me a platform to have conversations at Deloitte to discuss issues and events that impact our community. It is also a place where I can learn from others and educate myself on the ever-changing dynamics of our community.

What Pride Month means to Kevin and his favorite way to celebrate:
Pride Month, to me, is a time to remember those who came before me to be unapologetically authentic in my life. It is a time to remember those we lost and to take stock of the long road ahead to pursue equality and create greater transparency for those outside our community who may benefit from being educated.

Lucy Miller (she/her), managing director, talent acquisition, Deloitte Services LP

How Lucy brings her identity and full authentic self to the workplace:
Incredibly, I’ve been "out" for over 40 years. What I can share is that embracing my identity in the workplace and in life takes courage and a real willingness to meet people where they are. It may not always be easy and it may not always be comfortable, but trust yourself and your capabilities and, more often than not, others will too.

How Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community has shaped Lucy’s experience at Deloitte:
Fun fact. I interviewed with several openly gay leaders and it absolutely made a difference in my decision to join Deloitte. Representation matters. A lot. And, over the course of my 25 years at Deloitte, this community has provided me a place for expression and helped strengthen me both personally and professionally. Again, representation matters, and having communities that foster inclusion and celebrate our collective otherness is vitally important.

What Pride Month means to Lucy and her favorite way to celebrate:
Pride Month is a time to celebrate our diversity and strength as a community; as a family, we do that through our volunteer work with The Human Rights Campaign and other LGBTQIA+ organizations. Our new way as a family to celebrate is to have a pool party with our children and grandchildren and let them celebrate their "gay grandmothers"!

But on a more serious note, I’m mindful of the ongoing fight for equality and the challenges we collectively face.

Clif Mathews (he/him), partner, Risk & Financial Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP

How Clif brings his identity and full authentic self to the workplace:
My experience has been that the first step to bringing my authentic self to the workplace has been to spend time reflecting on learning who is my authentic self. Sometimes, people might feel they can bring only a part of themselves or a version of themselves to the point where they can lose sight of who they are at their core— their values, their strengths, and how they thrive. Getting clear about who they are and what is important to them, can be a big first step.

How Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community has shaped Clif’s experience at Deloitte:
Having been here for over two decades, the role of our LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community in my career journey has changed over time. When I was earlier in my career, it was really important that I could see other professionals here who identify the same or similar as I do—which gave me the courage to bring my authentic self. And now, later in my career, certainly, that visibility is still important to me, and also, I’m able to be that visible person for someone else. It’s so fulfilling when you feel like you’re able to pay it forward to others.

What Pride Month means to Clif and his favorite way to celebrate:
My husband and I truly consider our close friends to be part of our extended chosen family. Pride Month is an opportunity to celebrate the role we play in each other’s lives and also acknowledge that we as a community still have a lot more progress to make on the way to full equality and acceptance. I also love that Pride events can often be such an eclectic gathering of people from all walks of life, and that togetherness is really something special.

Pete DeMartin (he/him), managing director, rewards, recognition, & well-being, Deloitte Services LP

How Pete brings his identity and full authentic self to the workplace: 
Going on my 22nd year at Deloitte I can say without question that being my authentic self has allowed me to develop important relationships that have been and continue to be a critical part of my development as a professional and a leader. When I feel comfortable, I am willing to take more professional risks and those risks are what can fuel growth. Had I not felt our workplace supported my identity, I would not have felt comfortable setting my own path in the various roles I’ve held.

How Deloitte’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community has shaped Pete’s experience at Deloitte:
Some of my most rewarding and memorable experiences at Deloitte have been as a result of participating in events sponsored by our LGBTQIA+ & Allies Community. Whether that was attending a networking event hosted by Deloitte and other professional services firms, participating in Pride celebrations, contributing my time to an LGBTQIA+ community service organization as part of Impact Day, or attending an Out & Equal conference, my experience at Deloitte has been enriched in many ways.

What Pride Month means to Pete and his favorite way to celebrate:
I still remember the first time I attended a Pride parade back when I lived in Atlanta and the strong feeling of unity and support that washed over me. While the newness of attending has gone away, I still find attending a Pride parade in any city to be my favorite way to celebrate, and what’s also grown over the years is the degree to which the parades attract such a diverse audience and are often one of the biggest events all year for a city!

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