Deloitte and Cisco

Making an impact that matters

Deloitte and Cisco have joined forces to offer our joint clients a holistic approach to the comprehensive business challenges driving digital transformation. Together, we meet clients where they are in their transformation journeys to identify, understand, address, and overcome the complex business challenges that can arise when embracing new technology and ways of working.

Our integrated offerings

Our collaboration focuses on finding the optimal combination of products and services that can integrate into our clients’ architectures and solutions to advance their digital transformations and competitiveness in the market.


Connected factory

Cisco solutions include a robust industrial networking and security portfolio, and together we build highly responsive, adaptive, and connected systems that can increase efficiency, quality, safety, and sustainability while reducing cost.


Full-stack observability

Deloitte and Cisco offer full-stack observability for SAP and AWS clients, combining AppDynamics with other monitoring tools to improve application performance and business outcomes.


Future of work/sustainability

Deloitte and Cisco work together to shape, create, and design the modern employee experience while reducing the carbon footprint of offices and factories around the world.



Together, we help clients confidently transform their cyber and strategic risk programs and reduce overall risk exposure. Deloitte also works with Cisco to integrate Cisco’s Security Portfolio into the Deloitte Zero Trust PRISM Financial Risk asset.


Private 5G

Leveraging Deloitte's advisory and integration experience and Cisco's private 5G as-a-platform solution, we help our mutual clients extend connectivity beyond Wi-Fi.


Network transformation

Deloitte’s experience, combined with Cisco’s solutions, enable businesses to build responsive, software-defined network architectures that address network complexities and modernization.


Cloud transformation

Deloitte advises our clients on Cisco’s new data center networking approaches, hybrid cloud, and cloud-agnostic connectivity and security solutions.


Contact center

Cisco plays a key role in the delivery of modern contact center solutions—both hybrid and cloud. Together, we can provide integrated, omnichannel contact center solutions that deliver effective customer interactions.


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How Cisco & Deloitte make an impact that matters

With our combined strengths, Deloitte and Cisco are committed to helping our joint clients navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and drive sustainable growth.

  • By combining Cisco’s market position with Deloitte’s experience, this alliance aims to deliver exceptional value to our joint clients by enabling them to embrace scalable and adaptable solutions designed to support their specific digital transformation goals.
  • Our alliance combines Cisco’s strong market position and experience in the enterprise IT infrastructure, security, and adjacent markets with Deloitte’s virtually unparalleled talent as the recognized market leader in IT-enabled digital transformation, analytics, and cloud.
  • Our mutual clients also benefit from Deloitte’s tailored solutions that tap into offerings across our consulting, advisory, and tax businesses. As the largest global professional services organization, Deloitte, via our deep industry insights, helps our joint clients deliver against their business objectives.


Recent news and insights

News and insights about how Deloitte and Cisco are making an impact that matters.



The Cisco Gold Advisor Program

Deloitte is now a Cisco Gold Advisor in Portugal and Germany.


Cisco Sponsors The Smart Factory @ Wichita

Cisco has teamed up with Deloitte and other key industry players to enhance the Smart Factory @ Wichita experience.


Delivering Customer Outcomes through Managed Services

Our latest paper, co-authored with Cisco, "Delivering customer outcomes through managed services," re-imagines managed services for IT modernization and scalability.




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