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Deloitte’s Center for Process Bionics

Operations process transformation for greater business value

Process transformation is key to competitive advantage in a digital world. But many executives are frustrated by projects that take too long and fall short on value. Take a closer look at how our Center for Process Bionics drives continuous process improvement that is fast, effective, and sustainable.

Process transformation wanted; process bionics needed

In every aspect of the business, leading companies are leveraging advanced digital technologies to enable strategic change and rewrite the rules of customer and employee engagement. In addition, the COVID pandemic has acted as an accelerant for digital transformation, making quick reactions to process changes more necessary than ever before.

In this rapidly changing environment, process transformation is paramount, but it can be challenging. To help organizations chart a path forward, we’ve uncovered the process transformation pain points that keep business leaders up at night—and the solutions that can fuel continuous process improvement.


Deloitte’s Center for Process Bionics

How can your organization design and sustain the process improvements that will deliver continuous results? That’s where the Deloitte Center for Process Bionics comes in. We enable process transformation by digitizing processes to streamline them, automate them, and facilitate ongoing monitoring of the transformation cycle. The result? Accelerated time to market, tangible outcomes, and enhanced sustainability.

Why Deloitte for process transformation?

You have plenty of options for a partner that can help transform your processes. Why choose Deloitte’s Center for Process Bionics? We combine deep industry experience, a talented roster of process excellence professionals, and advanced technologies to create a customized solution for your operational process transformation.

Process is our middle name

  • The Center for Process Bionics has a singular focus: process excellence and emerging process technology.
  • Our work is executed by a highly skilled team of process miners, modelers, and improvement consultants.

Broad insight, custom solutions

  • We work across the industry sectors that drive and shape today’s marketplaces, delivering measurable and lasting results.
  • We combine this industry experience with process simulation and advanced scenarios to identify and vet personalized options for transforming your organization.

Next-gen tools and techniques

  • Leveraging leading-edge process capture techniques, we harness your organization’s information to drive results faster.
  • Our data-driven approach to process capture, visualization, design, improvement, and simulation visualizes and quantifies process changes—and informs better decisions.



Our approach to process bionics

Our process transformation solution spans the four key components of the process life cycle:

Process bionics success stories

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