Operations Transformation

Innovating and transforming operations

Deloitte’s Operations Transformation (OT) focuses on a core set of issues anchored in evolving client needs that enable us to be uniquely positioned to respond to critical market opportunities. We help clients with innovative and transformed operations, bringing their business strategy to life.

Our focus areas

Operations resiliency: Building adaptive and innovative operations that are resilient against economic and competitive headwinds is one of our main goals. We help organization keep pace with increasingly fluctuating market trends and demand shifts, look at improving operations efficiency and optimize for cost base and revenue cycle, as well as manage sustainable, lean and flexible operations.

Next-gen operating models: Leveraging disruptive services to drive business performance is something we can bring to your organization through designing next-gen customer centric operating models, helping organization combine strategy and technology to innovate op model design and transformation, and looking into the latest tech disruptions and what they mean to your company.

Accelerated transformation: Unlocking value of technology-driven business transformation, from design through implementation. By delivering end to end digital transformations in a rapid and agile manner we work with organizations to enable cutting-edge ops technology and help maximize technology investments to position the entire business for the future.

Deloitte’s Center for Process Bionics

Next-generation approach that uses management information to rapidly identify options and drive your transformation.

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Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller

Principal | Operations Transformation Leader

Rachel is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP leading the Operations Transformation offering.  As the offering leader, Rachel is focused on go-to-market strategy and execution in order to drive g... More