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As leaders reshape their business to one that’s more intelligent, agile, and customer-centric, they will need to re-evaluate and innovate their operating model. Deloitte’s COO Agenda offers insights on best practices and emerging opportunities that come with tomorrow’s business operations needs. From leadership to learning, the COO Agenda provides readers with one destination to dive deep into various operational topics.

The impact of Process Bionics on operations

Process breakdowns are a perennial headache for operations organizations. Traditional process transformation efforts have helped, but many COOs remain frustrated that improvements can take too long to carry out, produce only incremental returns on investment, and leave savings on the table. In these COO Agenda posts, Deloitte’s Alison Roy and Courtney Thayer describe a faster, more thorough method to identify where breakdowns occur and then swiftly move to address them—an approach at Deloitte that we call Process Bionics. Find out what you can discover through this reimagined approach to process transformation.


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COOs and the pandemic: Operational resilience is imperative

COOs play a crucial role when organizations face crises. This has been especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has prompted fundamental changes in the way many organizations operate. In these COO Agenda posts, Deloitte’s Rob Kaye, Olive O’Rourke, and David Sarabacha describe the distinct difference between operational resilience and the COO’s usual domain of business continuity, share several important actions COOs can take to help build resilience even in the midst of pandemic response and recovery efforts, and preview how the role of the COO is likely to change as organizations adapt to the next normal in the wake of COVID-19.

Corporate and investment banking client onboarding

As a first significant point of contact, onboarding is an opportunity for corporate and investment banks to delight clients and set a positive tone in the relationship. But for a variety of reasons, it can also be a point of friction that tarnishes a client’s first impressions of the institution. In these COO Agenda posts, Deloitte’s Joe Alt describes why the transformation of client onboarding is such an imperative today, sharing 10 critical success factors for effective transformation and offering a new approach for corporate and investment banks to consider


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Involving COOs in digital transformation: Why COOs are often positioned to understand the possible impact and should be involved in driving the digital transformation initiatives across core business operations.

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