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Your scalable, flexible platform for world-class analytics

ClearLight™ is Deloitte’s private cloud-based, end-to-end analytics platform that is designed to give decision makers at every level of the organization fast, cost-effective access to actionable information. ClearLight supports the delivery of turnkey analytics solutions in a timely manner. Most importantly, the platform makes available game-changing insights that can provide immediate value and efficiency to the organization.

When should you consider ClearLight?

In the past, only companies that were prepared to make large capital investments for analytics implementations could get similar capabilities to ClearLight, with no guarantee of successful integration of technology stack components. With ClearLight, you can take advantage of pre-integrated technical components that offer high-quality analytics software and tools to simplify the delivery of actionable insights to clients.

While our clients choose ClearLight for a host of reasons, these four often top the list:

  • Need a rapid solution to address an unforeseen event
  • Weak internal analytics technology infrastructure or skills
  • Lack of budget to build internally – or the need to face more pressing priorities first
  • Lack of internal business domain knowledge for addressing the specific business issue

Managed Insights for informed decisions

Our managed insights capabilities help deliver insights quickly and cost effectively. In the cloud or on premise, supported by a small team of specialized analytics talent or a small army of professionals ready to swarm on cross-enterprise initiatives, our offering is flexible, scalable, and tailored to meet business-specific needs. Whether you need insights to help streamline your supply chain, proactively identify fraud, improve product pricing, or just about any other complex, data-rich business challenge, managed insights can help you start driving results fast.

Potential benefits

Game-changing insights

  • User-friendly visualization: Interactive and highly visual dashboards, charts, formulas, and scorecards deliver required reporting and higher-level insights.
  • Scenario planning: Time-saving “what-if” analysis enriches decision making with fact-based information. The platform enables rapid development of solutions in response to unforeseen events.
  • Heightened performance: Specific answers to real-world problems are discovered through the ClearLight platform. Recover lost revenue, optimize supply chains, detect fraud, and price products to market—it all can be done through the analytical power of the products and solutions implemented on ClearLight.

Instant blueprint

  • Faster time to value: Our quick-provisioning, specialized, ongoing domain-specific analytics accelerators and out-of-the box solutions speed time-to-value and often pay for themselves in a matter of weeks.
  • Lower cost: The cloud-based approach reduces capital expenses and risk. With continuous system upgrades, ClearLight is designed to evolve with the market, offering new benefits and features as they become available. The flexible, subscription-based service shifts costs from fixed to variable.
  • Increased insight activation: Spend less time managing data and more time acting on insights. Executive dashboards and reports present centralized data in meaningful ways, significantly improving the user experience, productivity, and decision-making.

Business-led, data-driven technology

  • Scalable-flexible platform: By design, ClearLight is flexible with both long-and short-term hosting options. It can serve as a workbench for testing new ideas and theories or as your robust “forever” analytics solution that provides the most valuable insights, time after time.
  • Cloud-based delivery: Deloitte’s cloud-based delivery model puts businesses on the fast track to insights and is available anywhere you do business, without added infrastructure investment.
  • Technology assets: Our analytics team has access to Deloitte’s top-ranked practice assets and third-party, plug-and-play products and services that help accelerate time to value with a proven blueprint. And our practitioner workbench increases delivery speed with pre-configured data, algorithms, and tools.

Multi-level security

  • Roles-based security: Deloitte supports and protects data access at multiple levels, including business unit, division, product, and individual.
  • Continuous monitoring and enhancement: Rigorous monitoring of application, platform, and physical security keeps valuable data safe. Vulnerability testing helps expose and remedy potential flaws before others can exploit them.

Flexible, adaptable support model

  • Global reach, always on: Industry-recognized, 24x7, global managed support delivers assistance and answers around the clock, on-demand.
  • Flexible service levels: Our Service Level Agreement provides the required amount of support and desired delivery and response times.
  • Ongoing consultation: Ongoing support offers troubleshooting and analysis of data, advanced analytical insight, and access to Deloitte’s vast pool of technical and analytics practitioners.

ClearLight Reference Architecture

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