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See member health more clearly with HealthInteractive

Use the power of your data for an insight-driven advantage

Keeping members healthy, promoting preventive health, and assisting them in the management of their chronic conditions so they can stay active in their communities for greater periods of time is the end-all aspiration. It’s the vision that drives us every day to visualize, predict, transform, prescribe, alert, forecast, and proactively think in new and meaningful ways. Deloitte sees a future where state Medicaid directors, managed care organizations (MCOs), and health care providers have the data and analytics capabilities they need to manage the Medicaid program efficiently and effectively, reduce costs, and above all, improve outcomes for members.​

The answers are in the data

Addressing chronic conditions is just one of the ways we could make a world of difference for public health. The mass amount of disparate data in our health care system can lend unprecedented insights into health status, disease progression, cost efficiencies, rate setting, provider management, population health, and more. It’s just not readily accessible information. Antiquated technology, inability to see key insights, growing information needs, and agency segmentation all contribute to the challenge. It shouldn’t take two weeks to pull a report that may or may not be accurate. There’s a better way.

Standard CMS reports and HEDIS metrics should be at the fingertips of those who need them. Reports on state populations, or subsets of them with addiction or kidney disease, can provide insight into which accountable care organizations are creating the best outcomes so leading practices can be easily duplicated. With the right information and insight, state agencies can make faster decisions, solve problems, and potentially increase results. Member population health can improve and tax payers recognize decreased costs as a result.

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Insights make all the difference

Deloitte’s HealthInteractive Solution brings transparency and clarity to data in everyday workflows with a single sign on. Powerful, visual dashboards can show information clearly and concisely so decisions and policy direction are based on far more than an educated guess.

                                       Compare performance of MCOs
See apple-to-apple quality metrics for each MCO operating in the state. View their combined claims summary for chronic conditions like kidney or heart disease. Set MCO or health care provider targets and track them to actuals. Compare them on their success rates for prenatal care, well child visits, or potentially avoidable ER visits. Provide opportunities to modify targets based on performance.
                                       Identify gaps in care
See population trends. Sort by individual risk score and utilization, allowing providers to prioritize open gaps in care for the riskiest, most expensive members. Pull up the beneficiary’s past medical diagnoses, current medications, immunizations, and lab results. Identify patterns and implement early warnings or predictive triggers, messaging decision makers or caregivers directly to take action. Recognize and share the leading practices of the accountable care organizations making strides and improving outcomes for members.
                                       Monitor access to care
Access can vary widely based on the distance to someone’s primary care physician. Confirm that provider networks are meeting the needs of beneficiaries via usage patterns. See key metrics about utilization and quality of care that can help determine how to serve the population. Understand the impact a policy decision can make on a population via predictive analysis.
                                       View integrated HEDIS reports
Quickly and efficiently call up reports for CMS and the 79 and counting HEDIS metrics that are used for federal funding. Ongoing updates to the system make it easy to stay current.

On a platform built to scale

  • Scalable: This analytics platform is robust enough to serve the entire Health & Human Services Department, not just its Medicaid program. It can also serve as a proof of concept tool for a single executive dashboard.
  • Deloitte Managed Service: Delivers business insights quickly and efficiently through a flexible cloud-based architecture without added infrastructure investment.
  • Secure: Rigorous monitoring of application, platform, and physical security keeps valuable data safe, while roles-based security measures protect data access at multiple levels.
  • Mobile ready: No matter the device, state agencies can access the information they need whether in the office or out in the field
  • Single sign on: Allows providers to access information directly from their EHR system without having to login to another system.
  • Geospatial analysis: Gain insight into your member population by location and distance and protect against fraud.
  • Dashboards with detail: Visuals bring data to light, but the details are accessible to help discover the root cause of either issue or success.
  • Collaboration: Share reports, insights, and predictive triggers with colleagues to speed up action and get results.

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Demo scenarios

To see how HealthInteractive can impact member health by providing the data required to make policy decisions readily available, please schedule a solution demonstration with us. These are just a few of the robust insights HealthInteractive can deliver to state agencies.

Medical analytics demo

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