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Public Sector State Health Services and Solutions

Partnering for a healthier tomorrow

Within the complex, dynamic government health ecosystem, State Health agencies play an increasingly important role as enablers and monitors of health care quality and delivery.

The health care ecosystem in State Health and Human Services

The drive to improve health care encompasses three broad goals: Reducing costs, improving an individual’s care experience, and improving population health. For more than 45 years, our State Health professionals have worked side by side with state agencies in 47 states. Deloitte’s public sector health care consultancy understands how delivery works—and how it can work better. Our teams offer not only top Medicaid consulting, but also industry-leading insights, solutions, and business practices to help states address their most difficult health-related challenges.

Whether it’s modernization of technology systems, alignment with federal policies and standards, or Medicaid waivers and program transformations—Deloitte brings the innovative tools, subject matter knowledge, and time-tested experience to help states achieve their missions and effectively manage their programs. Deloitte helps states address their most difficult health and Medicaid challenges—from managing costs to enhancing the individual care experience to improving population health.

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