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As government health agencies enter an unprecedented era of collaboration with medical providers and private entities, the drive to improve whole-person care and combat national health crises like the opioid crisis is increasing. Transitioning to a modern electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) is an essential step in meaningful participation in this evolving ecosystem. Deloitte assists government health agencies in determining strategic EHR/EMR investments to meet evolving needs.

Deloitte is a leader in the global market for EHR and EMR system implementation services and solutions

Deloitte provides transformative EHR/EMR implementation services and solutions to government health organizations to improve service delivery and address regulatory mandates and reimbursement shifts. As the global leader in health care consulting, we assist clients in selecting, implementing, and optimizing EHR/EMR solutions. Deloitte brings deep knowledge and understanding of health programs as well as time-tested practices and technology solutions.

For many government health agencies, these transitions are a leap forward from manual processes, paper records, and aging infrastructure to modern EHR/EMR technology platforms. These projects—and the associated integration with other government health and human services systems—are complex efforts that represent major investments. Deloitte teams with leading EHR/EMR vendors and applies our time-tested capabilities to effectively manage deployment and government-level adoption for these transformational projects.

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EHRs/EMRs evolving across segments

EHRs represent the backbone of an increasingly complex and integrated health system. Government health agencies charged with providing high-quality services, reducing costs, and shifting to value-based reporting and reimbursement models require modernized EHRs/EMRs to manage, exchange, and analyze data.

As the cost, quality, and experience drivers for these goals reach beyond the medical world, EHR/EMR technology is evolving to meet the requirements of diverse government health organizations. Deloitte works with agencies across Medicaid, long-term services and supports, behavioral health, public health clinics, and other segments to help our clients maximize the value of their EHR/EMR investments. Deloitte’s thought leadership, diverse client experience, broad market relationships, and virtually unparalleled implementation experience position us to effectively lead our clients through their EHR/EMR system implementation projects.

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Leveraging cognitive technologies to improve health and program efficiencies

We invite you to read our report from the Deloitte Center for Government Insights: Smart Medicaid. You will learn how cognitive technologies we've come to rely on in our personal lives and across health care organizations can now be put to work in Medicaid—helping agencies to manage costs and improve patient care.

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