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Deloitte's Health Information Exchange (HIE) Services and Solutions

Addressing the problems plaguing legacy health information exchange technologies

Gaining value from the health interoperability of high-quality health information demands a proven technology and systems integrator. For more than 20 years, Deloitte has helped the largest commercial and public sector health organizations in the world achieve health information interoperability.

Health Information Exchange:

Health Information Exchange technologies are an essential capability for enabling the sharing of patient data amongst care providers for the purpose of improving the patient experience (e.g., minimize need for clipboard questionnaires), optimizing care delivery (e.g., reduce redundant testing), and reducing care risks (e.g., publish known allergies and medication conflicts).

Proven technology and systems integrator

Deloitte brings to Health Information Exchange the latest in technology with a deep understanding of privacy, security, and the health care ecosystem. Deloitte’s HealthInteractive HIE is a pre-built, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution providing a stable and common baseline for service-oriented delivery of health care. The solution currently connects more than 100,000 providers. It also includes a preconfigured service integration registry that meets more than 80 percent of commonly identified health data interoperability requirements—reducing both the time to set up and the time to gain value.

Our HealthInteractive HIE is certified with the Sequoia Project to be eHealth Exchange Validated to enable Person Center Data Home (PCDH) and integration with other exchanges such as regional exchanges and the Veteran Affairs HIE (VAHIE). We provide an Health Information Exchange solution for self-service onboarding, discrete data access, practical alerts and event notifications, quality patient data at the point of care, and administrative tools for transparency and reduced operational burdens.

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Discrete data to support clinical workflow needs

Traditional health information exchanges focused on delivering Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) to care providers. While this was a good start to initiate the flow of patient data, it’s insufficient to move the needle and optimize care through better interoperability.

HealthInteractive HIE unlocks the valuable data trapped in CCDs and breaks it into discrete sets of data elements which can be delivered in packets that are specific to the care settings (e.g., emergency room, pediatrician, oncologist, behavioral health, home care, consumer portals).

Our platform also delivers these data packets directly to electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHRs) making data available to care providers within clinical workflows and streamlining patient care.

Lastly, HealthInteractive HIE leverages HL7’s FHIR framework to create standardized APIs to lower the technical complexity to achieve interopable data exchanges across a larger set of data partners. Before FHIR, data partners were custom creating data connections. We’ve removed that barrier for our clients.


Enabling participant EHR and EMR integration in weeks—not months

One of the frustrations for many Health Information Exchange organisations is the extensive time and money required to integrate a new HIE participant into the HIE technology.

Our carefully engineered Health Information Exchange solution makes it possible to accelerate the integration process from months to weeks. We combine our experience in integration, onboarding, and commissioning with supporting technologies to facilitate streamlined processes across all stakeholders.

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Self-service integration tools to help eliminate time-consuming engagement for vendors

For years, Health Information Exchange technology vendors retained specific implementation and integration roles as a lever to generate revenue. This has caused HIE organizations to negotiate with their vendors and wait until resources are available for them to accomplish integration mapping and software development activities.

To liberate Health Information Exchange Organizations, Deloitte’s HealthInteractive HIE solution provides processes and automated tools that enable the Health Information Exchange teams and their HIE participant organizations to configure and test the integration independent of the solution vendor.

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Delivering robust information needed for operations monitoring and management

An HIE is typically at the nexus of a complex web of thousands of EHR/EMR vendors, participant organizations, and practitioners. Keeping track of and coordinating activities across this complex and ever-changing ecosystem can be a significant challenge. Deloitte has been in the Health Information Exchange and interoperatability market for almost 20 years and has designed capabilities in the HealthInteractive HIE to ease the pain of managing and governing participation.

The solution is flexible to manage hundreds of participants from participation agreements through detailed service level agreements (SLAs) across different services and with different providers using simple, user-friendly tools. This capability complements an integrated management framework allowing all stakeholders to drill down from high-level service views across the ecosystem to individual messages for troubleshooting.

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