Women Executives in Finance

Connections ahead

​Deloitte's CFO Program is dedicated to engaging and supporting women leaders in the finance function, providing perspectives and insights through thought leadership vehicles.

Fostering connections in the CFO community

Deloitte's CFO Program has introduced an initiative focused on women in the finance function. The goal is to establish a community of women from past, current, and future CFO Program offerings, and to create an environment where women can network, grow, and thrive.

The initiative empowers and encourages women of Deloitte’s clients to support and engage with one another. It fosters connections that can help advance the impact of senior women finance leaders, as well as contribute to the development of next-generation women finance leaders.

Program highlights

  • Next Generation CFO Academy attendee reception
  • Local marketplace events for CFOs, Next Generation CFO Academy alumni, and Finance Leadership Program alumnae
  • Help newly appointed women CFOs make an efficient and effective transition in CFO Transition Lab™ sessions
  • CFO Vision™ meet-and-greet with conference women attendees and event speakers
  • Thought-provoking articles on topics of interest to women CFOs in CFO Insights
  • Standing column in the Deloitte Module/CFO Journal (Wall Street Journal) of interviews with women CFOs

About Deloitte's CFO Program

The CFO Program brings together a multidisciplinary team of Deloitte leaders and subject matter specialists to help CFOs stay ahead in the face of growing challenges and demands. The Program harnesses our organization’s broad capabilities to deliver forward thinking and fresh insights for every stage of a CFO’s career—helping CFOs manage the complexities of their roles, tackle their company’s most compelling challenges, and adapt to strategic shifts in the market.

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Steve Gallucci

Steve Gallucci

Global and US CFO Program Leader

Steve is the Global and US leader for the CFO Program. The CFO Program harnesses the broad capabilities of the firm to deliver forward thinking insights for every stage of a CFO’s career. Steve helps ... More

Carrie Cristinzio

Carrie Cristinzio

Partner — Audit & Assurance

Carrie, an Audit & Assurance partner, leads the Women Executives in Finance initiative for Deloitte’s CFO Program. In this role, Carrie works to promote and provide mentorship and the development of w... More