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Becoming Resilient

A leadership podcast for executives on the journey to resilience

Resilience isn’t a destination: it is a way of being. And it is a lifelong journey. Resilient leaders are first defined by who they are, and second by what they do. Join us as we explore wide-ranging disciplines, connect them to business issues, and apply them to our own personal leadership journeys.

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A new vision: Making connections to cultivate greater resilience

Resilient leaders, organizations, and societies

Traditionally, a visionary leader is one who anticipates and guides the organization to a bold future. But resilient leaders also embrace a second form of vision: they connect seemingly disparate dots that other leaders don’t see across disciplines, sectors, and geographies. This ability to see and to connect not only enables leaders to respond, recover, and thrive amid crises (one perspective on resilience), but also to cycle through respond-recover-thrive to capitalize on market opportunities (the other perspective). Bill Marquard shares his point of view:

The use of metaphors—looking outside of the core purview of business—is a way that we as leaders can make the unknown known. In every situation that is uncharted or unknown, if there’s an analog—something that we can refer to that has common characteristics—we can often learn very effectively from that. It enables us to frame a situation that’s too large in a way that’s actually manageable so that we can lead and manage through it.

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Stay tuned for upcoming episodes featuring thought-provoking experts from the arts, the sciences, the humanities, the public sector, and the private sector.

Meet the host

Bill Marquard
Managing Director | Monitor Deloitte

Bill is a managing director in Deloitte’s strategy and analytics practice—and a former philosophy major with a passion for applying liberal arts disciplines to business leadership. He leads Deloitte’s market efforts on resilient leadership and works with CEOs, senior executives, and their teams to develop and deliver growth strategies and retail customer experience. Earlier in his career, Bill served as a C-level executive for a Fortune 200 wholesaler/retailer, where he started and ran a chain of limited assortment stores, managed a $3 billion supply alliance, and led major cost and IT transformations. He is the author of Leadership Lessons from Leonardo, as well as Deloitte’s five signature articles on resilient leadership that emerged from the COVID-19 crisis. His business strategy book, Wal-Smart: What It Really Takes to Profit in a Walmart World, was selected as one of the top five business books of the year, and he has been featured as a leader in business strategy in multiple media outlets, including CNN, CNBC, First Business, the Wall Street Journal, and the Chicago Tribune. Bill also served on the faculty of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and has lectured on leadership issues at the White House, Duke University, the University of Notre Dame, and DePaul University.

Bill Marquard

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