Soundbites from Season 5: Exploring the path forward

As Season 5 comes to a close, we revisit the highlights and biggest lessons learned of this year’s Global Human Capital Trends

Soundbites from Season 5: Exploring the path forward

On this season of Capital H, we explored how three P’s—purpose, potential, and perspective—can help organizations remain distinctly human in a technology-driven world. This episode brings together authors of our 2020 Human Capital Trends report to recap some of our favorite moments and explore how embracing these trends can better prepare organizations for the future. You’ll also hear from previous guests, including leaders from top organizations like Swarm Vision and Salesforce, on how their organizations are ramping up for the future of work.

The idea of teaming, collaboration, connectedness, belonging, and well-being all serve as fuel and muscle to build resilience in both individuals and organizations to get through and deal with these disruptive times.

2020 Global Human Capital Trends

A memo to HR

The future of HR must be one of expanded focus and extended influence: expanding its focus to encompass the entirety of work and the workforce and extending its sphere of influence to the enterprise and business ecosystem as a whole.

memo to hr

Ethics and the future of work

Over the past decade, leaders have faced an increasing need to grapple with tough ethical issues posed by the future of work. The question to ask: not just “could we,” but also “how should we.”


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