Navigating the Future of the MedTech Industry

Deloitte leaders discuss MedTech industry trends, challenges, and opportunities in a changing health care marketplace

Rapid health care market changes are challenging MedTech industry stakeholders to evolve and expand their current product supplier role to thrive in the Future of Health. In this series, Deloitte leaders share how MedTech companies can advance clinical, commercial, and digital transformation.

MedTech is going consumer; capturing the opportunity requires a new approach

The context of health care and its delivery is transitioning to focus on the patient/user, providing opportunities for MedTech companies to expand the marketplace for their products. To thrive under this new context, companies will need to incorporate digitally enabled consumer engagement capabilities into their product design. The preferred path forward is to launch a separate business venture that is underpinned by a growth- and transformation-oriented mindset.

Value centricity is key for MedTech to become a strategic partner for customers

MedTech companies that want to evolve beyond their traditional product supplier role to become a value-driven, strategic business partner to their hospital customers will need to undergo a multifaceted transformation that addresses six success factors.

MedTech commercial transformation: Moving from “doing digital” to “being digital”

The health care ecosystem is undergoing unprecedented changes, compelling MedTech manufacturers to rethink traditional commercial models. At the heart of commercial transformation is moving from “doing digital”—applying digital capabilities in an ad hoc manner—to “being digital”—designing and implementing a differentiating digital strategy.

Value-based contracting is gaining traction: Is MedTech ready?

Medical device manufacturers have been talking about the transition to value-based care (VBC) for much of the past decade. Yet, despite many executive-level conversations, stacks of white papers, and countless conference sessions, VBC contracting in MedTech remains largely stuck in the mud, even as it gains traction in the broader health sector.

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