Food Security and Agriculture

Impacting the agriculture value chain

Agriculture is the primary source of gross domestic product (GDP) and livelihood in most developing nations, particularly affecting rural communities and youth, women, and disadvantaged populations.

What we offer

We engage public/private sector alliances to arrive at commercially viable solutions for long-term agriculture development and positive impacts on food security. We work closely with Deloitte’s member firms in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa to leverage their international presence and commercial network. We work with clients to develop strategies and interventions along the entire agriculture value chain to improve nutritional outcomes, overall yields, and farmer incomes.

Particluar areas of focus include: 

  • Value chain, finance, policy, training, and market linkage methodologies
  • Improved availability and affordability of inputs, agriculture production, post-harvest handling, output markets and price discovery information, and exports
  • Enhanced stakeholder capabilities

Issue to Impact: Combating agricultural counterfeiting

The Issue:
Agricultural "input counterfeits," which are faked, out-of-date, or defective agricultural products such as seeds, fertilizer, and herbicides, directly affect the most vulnerable farmers, risking crop damage and thus livelihoods. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation asked Deloitte to undertake a study to identify the drivers of counterfeiting and identify implementable, commercially feasible solutions that can strengthen farmers’ supply chains.

Our Impact:
We conducted market research to address the root causes of counterfeiting, leading to a relevant solution that can be piloted–a coin-scratch anti-counterfeiting technology, and the research was recognized with an Excellence in Social and Community Investment award from Consulting Magazine. The client is developing a business model to pilot the coin-scratch technology suggested by our team. Based on lessons learned, the client is looking to broadly scale the solution across other geographies. The solution is designed to reduce counterfeiting and increase incomes for smallholder farmers.

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John Mennel

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