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Workforce Development

Closing the skills gap

​Across the country, there are millions of people who are working but still struggling to get ahead. At the same time, employers are trying to fill millions of job openings, with many citing an inability to find workers with the right skills. This "skills gap" is a challenge for everyone. Employers face lower productivity and higher recruiting costs while many workers are forced to settle for low-skill, low-wage work that can't support their families. But there are emerging opportunities for impact, many of which focus on "middle-skill" roles where workers can earn living wages—but without the time and expense of a four-year college degree.

What We Offer

​We work with foundations, nonprofits, and corporations to help bridge this skills gap, enabling job seekers to access in-demand, well-paying careers and employers to tap into new and diverse sources of talent. We do this by:

  • Providing customized strategy and operational planning support to help clients surface and scale workforce and employment solutions
  • Researching the latest barriers, gaps, opportunities, and solutions across the workforce and employment ecosystem to inform decision-making
  • Designing and facilitating high impact meetings that bring together stakeholders from across the ecosystem to learn, connect, and explore collaborations
  • Designing, implementing, and scaling innovative training and learn-and-earn programs