Monitor Institute by Deloitte – What we do

Monitor Institute by Deloitte is a team within Deloitte that works with social impact-focused organizations and their leaders, helping to make the hard choices and take the necessary actions to advance progress on pressing societal challenges. The Institute’s approach marries a deep grounding in strategy, networks and social movements, and human systems with the fundamentals of professional advisory services—effective project management, skilled facilitation and well-timed intervention.

Offerings and focus areas

Monitor Institute by Deloitte’s impact-first approach means that opportunities to work with clients and develop thought leadership are pursued based on their potential to surface and spread innovative approaches to addressing societal issues. When we first started as part of the Monitor Group in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2005, this involved working exclusively with philanthropy and social sector organizations; increasingly this includes companies and those in the public sector who are also focused on these issues. Since becoming part of the largest global network of professional services member firms, Monitor Institute by Deloitte can now pair its understanding of social change with Deloitte’s change management, analytics, and digital capabilities to meet a wider array of clients' needs in the following focus areas:

Monitor Institute by Deloitte team

Our multidisciplinary team brings a diverse blend of cross-sector experience and a balance of analytic capability with sensitivity to the workings of human systems.

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