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Tax reform and the real estate industry

Understanding the provisions impacting REITs

How will the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and recent guidance interpreting that legislation impact the real estate industry and the investment entities that fuel its growth? Learn more about the provisions the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and the related proposed regulations and other guidance that are likely to affect real estate investment trust (REITs) and their counterparts.

The new tax landscape in real estate

The enactment of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is having far-reaching consequences and new planning considerations for the real estate industry—particularly REITs and other investors in real estate. Our report examines selected provisions in the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and related proposed regulations and other guidance and their likely impact on REITs and other investors in real estate. It provides considerations and observations for tax planning purposes.

Learn more about selected provisions impacting real estate, such as:

  • Individual tax rate, corporate tax rate, and REIT capital gains/dividends
  • Passthrough tax rate
  • Carried interest/long-term incentive plans and like-kind exchanges
  • Alternative minimum tax and excessive employee remuneration
  • Interest deduction
  • Expensing/depreciation
  • Partnership technical terminations, non-corporate business losses, and estate and gift tax
  • Itemized deductions and net operating losses
  • Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 and sale of partnership interests
  • Foreign-source dividends and repatriation tax
  • Global intangible low-taxed income and base erosion anti-abuse tax
  • Denial of deductions involving related parties and hybrids
  • Definitions of US shareholder and controlled foreign corporation

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