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Modernizing banking internal controls with technology and analytics

A series of perspectives for bank controllers

Bank controllership regulatory expectations are high. More and more information is demanded. People and processes are under pressure. But there’s a light ahead. Emerging banking technologies and finance automation can help bank controllers achieve speed, efficiency, and impact. The Bank Controllership Modernization era is here, for those willing to embrace it.

A crossroads for bank internal controls

We’re living in the Age of Information where rapid technological advancements are changing the way we work, think, and communicate. Bank products and services and banking technology have also evolved, and banks are now facing a confluence of internal and external pressures demanding more and enhanced information from finance and controllership. Our Bank Controllership Modernization series focuses on the possibilities of modern banking internal controls.

While the modernization of bank internal controls will require specific enhancements across operations, technology, and governance structures, the key to success will be in establishing a holistic short- and long-term strategy. This strategy should leverage emerging banking technologies to deliver quick wins, while also outlining a long-term vision and plan for transforming banking technology platforms that enable more efficient and effective operations and governance activities.

Our four-part series on banking internal controls will help you develop that strategy.

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Glimpsing the future of bank controllership

Our executive summary previews the series on banking internal controls and provides insights into how banking institutions can effectively imagine and enable efficient programs to address dynamic challenges and evolving responsibilities unique to bank controllership. These programs will provide the platform for business growth during a time when executives, investors, regulators, and other stakeholders are seeking greater integrity of financial information at faster speeds.

Bank controllership’s tech transformation

With finance automation tools, controllers are provided with real-time access to high-quality financial data. This allows for significant enhancements in reporting timeliness and the ability to provide deeper value-added insights to the business that can enable key decision making. These advancements are presenting opportunities for controllers to solve some of their most pressing challenges regarding bank internal controls while elevating and transforming the role controllership can play within the organization.

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