Results from our internal audit social media survey

Internal audit and the digital enterprise

Social media has increasingly become a prominent form of communication by both organizations and individuals. The convergence of web and mobile devices and an expectation of transparency are fundamentally changing the interaction between customers and brands. Delight and negativity now travel at the speed of light, and each has the power to transform the perceived value, reputation, and influence of a company overnight.

Infographic: Social media and the digital enterprise

​About the survey

Deloitte’s 2014 social media survey of internal audit professionals, as well as other executives involved in managing social media risks, has brought to light an imbalance between how organizations view the risk potential of their social business initiatives and the investment made in monitoring and managing the associated risks. Internal audit should be at the forefront of the organization’s social business initiatives, helping monitor and manage threats and strike a balance between risks and opportunities.

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