Risk Intelligent governance in the age of cyber threats

What you don’t know could hurt you

Continuing reports of cyberattacks on high-profile businesses are prompting boards of directors to start exploring cyber threat risk with their executive teams in earnest.

Because cyber threats are both a relatively new and constantly evolving source of risk, many organizations may not be as effective at managing cyber threat risk as they are at managing risk in other areas.

Valuable insights on a company’s cyber risk management strengths and weaknesses

This white paper describes how a maturity-based view of four specific “leading practices” in cybersecurity can give boards valuable insights on a company’s cyber risk management strengths and weaknesses—even at companies that are still ramping up their capabilities in the area.

A basic awareness of key elements in an effective cyber defense can not only help boards understand their company’s maturity in managing cyber threat risk, but point toward next steps that can help move the company toward a more proactive, preemptive, and mature approach.

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