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Operational Risk Management solutions

Framework to mitigate operational risk

Operational risk management (ORM) is increasingly a top-of-mind business imperative. Our ORM framework can help you meet the challenge.

Empowering informed business decisions

The value proposition for strong ORM is the effective management of operational risks that are inherent in the delivery of business strategy. And the return on investment can be best achieved when program measures are aligned with organizational strategy, targets, and values. That’s why our Operational Risk Management services offer a framework that empowers leaders to make pre-emptive and informed business decisions.

Deloitte's Operational Risk Management solutions (#DOpsRisk)

To help organizations strengthen their operational risk programs and build resilience, Deloitte’s ORM framework, services, and solutions span four categories:

  • Design: Solutions to help clients build resilient operational risk programs
  • Operate: Managed services to boost operational risk performance and enable cost-effective risk management 
  • Master: “Mastering the Art” facilitated workshops that advance operational risk adoption and effectiveness to improve C-suite decision making
  • Transform: Technology transformation solutions to power operational risk management programs in innovative new ways

Strategy and program design

We assist our clients in the design, implementation, and transformation of resilient ORM programs to help them:

  • Identify, measure, and mitigate operational risk
  • Realize strategic objectives
  • Protect shareholder value
  • Achieve improved profitability and competitive advantage

Our solution offerings are tailored to industry, client, and individual product needs. And our differentiation lies in how we design ORM programs to align with an organization’s value proposition and success measures.

Download to learn more about strategy and program design.

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Managed services for improved operations

At Deloitte, our innovative managed services are categorized into two distinct operating centers:

  • Center for Operational Risk Intelligence: Operational risk insights, loss exposure analysis, predictive monitoring, and operational risk recommendations to help C-suites and boards of directors make informed business decisions. Download the PDF to learn more about the value the Center for Operational Risk Intelligence provides.
  • Center for Operational Risk Excellence: Overarching operational risk assessments, program assurance, policy and procedure management, risk and control self-assessments, regulatory compliance analysis, and various other managed services that provide clients with industry-leading methods to advance their ORM program effectiveness. Download the PDF to learn more about the value the Center for Operational Risk Excellence provides.

Download to learn more about managed services for improved operations solution.

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"Mastering the Art" series

This series equips organizations with advanced operational risk methods to better detect new and emerging risks, define effective risk management strategies, enhance risk governance, and improve the outcomes of risk decisions in pursuit of delivering organizational goals and objectives.

Leveraging real-world scenarios, we provide simulations and other collaborative methods to help clients effectively adopt—and test—leading ORM techniques. “Mastering the Art” is designed to assist clients in realizing the full value and return of their operational risk program.

Download to learn more about our "Mastering the Art" series.

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Technology transformation

Technology is changing the way organizations embrace ORM. We’re combining our deep experience in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) technologies with investments in artificial intelligence, cognitive sensing, robotic process automation, and behavioral science to redefine and enhance traditional ORM solutions.

Combined with our growing list of solution alliances, we offer innovative and demonstrated technology solutions designed to help you meet your current and future ORM requirements.

Download to learn more about technology transformation in operational risk.

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Industry specific lens

Our deep industry knowledge coupled with our experience and operational risk management solutions can help businesses mitigate operational risks and empower leaders to make pre-emptive and informed business decisions. Download our industry specific placemats for more information on how our solutions apply to the various industries we serve.

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