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Operational Risk Management solutions

Framework to mitigate operational risk

Operational risk management (ORM) is increasingly a top-of-mind business imperative across industries. Our ORM framework can help you meet the challenge.

Empowering informed business decisions

The value proposition for strong operational risk management (ORM) is the effective management of operational risks that are inherent in the delivery of the business strategy. And the return on investment can be best achieved when program measures are aligned with organizational strategy, targets, and values. That’s why our Operational Risk Management services offer a framework that empowers leaders to make pre-emptive and informed business decisions.

The future of operational risk management

The efficacy and efficiency of operational risk management continue to be a major priority in today’s business climate. The ability to demonstrate the value of ORM frameworks–with risk managers being increasingly expected to do more with less–is increasing. This pressure is creating an incentive for risk leaders to explore and embrace new technologies and techniques that can help improve their programs.

Learn more about the future of operational risk management by viewing our latest thought leadership.

The future of operational risk
In this article, Nitish Idnani, leader of the operational risk management services group at Deloitte, provides his perspectives on what the operational risk management space might look like in the future and the potential impact of emerging technology.

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Operational risk management: The new differentiator
Are you using ORM as an organizational imperative? Effective management of operational risks will increase C-suite visibility and encourage more informed risk-taking. Integrating ORM strategy, tools, and processes into your organizational goals will lead to improved product performance, greater brand recognition, and deliver sustainable financial results.

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A new approach to operational risk capital management
The Basel III final rule fundamentally changes how operational risk capital (ORC) is calculated. This new standard has major implications for banks’ internal loss data and how it can be used to enhance business value. And operational risk managers will have the opportunity to reduce the existing and future ORC by focusing efforts on managing and reducing actual operational losses.

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Evolving data architectures
Data’s vast availability makes it possible to evaluate more types of operational risk than ever before. The challenge for organizations is to evolve their data architecture and models to support forward-looking risk management and more accurately determine their risk exposure.

Download the report to learn more about predictive risk identification methods.

Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR): Operational risk lessons learned
An emerging regulatory focus—in line with sound day-to-day risk management—is to ensure that the CCAR loss estimation framework will be firmly grounded on the institution’s regular operational risk management process. In other words, the CCAR estimation can’t be a discrete process divorced from the institution’s operational control, monitoring, and mitigation functions. This is a key consideration as institutions design and evolves their CCAR operational loss framework to be more efficient, streamlined, and cost-efficient.

Download the report to learn more about the operational risk framework considerations.

Operational risk management: Implementation, data, and analytics
Effective operational risk management, including predictive analytics, can increase C-suite visibility into enterprise risks and support more informed risk-taking. Integrating program strategy, tools, smart data structures, and analytics into your framework can lead to a more forward-looking program, help operational risk managers identify emerging risk areas, and deliver value to senior stakeholders.

View the webcast archive to learn ways to move from planning and conceptualization to implementation and insight.

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