Building world-class ethics and compliance programs

Making a good program great

The expression "never a dull moment" could have been tailor-made to describe the ethics and compliance function and how it has evolved over the past decade or so. It is now front and center with greatly expanded responsibilities. When it comes to creating ethics and compliance programs, organizations today cannot afford to settle. "Good enough" is simply not good enough; they should continuously strive for "great."

Key differentiators

What separates a “good” ethics and compliance program from a “great” one? How does an organization’s investment in compliance and reputation risk mitigation systems and processes measure up against leading practices? At a time when risks are increasing, what are the building blocks upon which to build a world-class ethics and compliance program that not only protects an organization from internal and external threats, but also enhances its brand and strengthens its relationship with all stakeholders?

While there are a number of factors—or ingredients—that separate the “good” from the “great,” in our experience, there are five that are key differentiators in the highest performing compliance programs:

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