The second ingredient in a world-class ethics and compliance program

Corporate culture

​In a business environment where reputational threats lurk around every corner, a strong culture of ethics and compliance is the foundation of a robust risk management program. The lessons learned related to scandals and organizational crises that trace back to the early 2000s make one thing clear: without an ethical and compliant culture, organizations will always be at risk.

Key differentiators

What separates a “good” ethics and compliance program from a “great” one? While there are a number of factors that separate the “good” from the “great,” in our experience, there are five factors that are key differentiators in the highest performing compliance programs:

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Corporate culture

This article takes a look at “corporate culture.” Learn how a positive culture of integrity is the foundation for an effective ethics and compliance program, which, when properly embedded into an organization, can create a competitive advantage and serve as a valuable organizational asset.

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